Stan Lee Meets Doctor Strange (Story 3)

 Title: Stan Lee Meets
 Posted: 2006


This is the second back-up story in the Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange one-shot. Writer and artist Chris Giarrusso is the man behind "Principal Stanley." Guest- starring: Mini Spider-Man as a troubled youth seeking counsel.

Story 'Principal Stanley'

  Stan Lee Meets Doctor Strange (Story 3)
Summary: Mini-Marvel Spider-Man stars
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Writer: Chris Giarrusso
Illustrator: Chris Giarrusso

Mini Spider-Man confronts Principal Stanley about his problems. Seems as if Mini Spider-Man can't take all the new responsibilities the death of Uncle Ben has created. Stan suggests that Mini Spider-Man should stop blaming himself and try to enjoy childhood.

Principal Stanley's next student is Mini Green Goblin. He steadfastly replies that tonight is a great night for robbing a bank.

General Comments

This is a really short tale with a solid punchline. If Spider-Man didn't have Stan Lee nudging his villains to do evil, then maybe he would've had a less stress free life. Giarrusso adequately displays Lee's importance behind all of Spidey's great storylines and villains with this short cartoon.

On its own, this cartoon would be filler. It's not exactly something you'd paste on your refrigerator. However, it does its role in offering up something alternative to all the other stories contained in this one-shot issue.

Overall Rating

Mini Spider-Man sure is whiny. Looks like Principal Stanley sets him right though. A completely average filler piece that does retain some shred of enjoyment. A reprint of a Dr. Strange story follows Giarrusso's opus. It is fantastic. Stan Lee is fantastic. 'Nuff Said!

 Title: Stan Lee Meets
 Posted: 2006