Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #145

Story 'The Boomerang Return'

Things are busy in Spectacular Spider-Man. Remember from Spectacular Spider-Man #143 that the Lobo Brothers and their gang "Los Hermanos de la Luna" are in a vicious gang war with the Kingpin - a battle which threatens to spill over into unchecked violence!

In this issue, while Spider-Man is busy fighting Boomerang in San Diego, Ben Urich of the Daily Bugle has gotten a tip from a cop friend named Frank Farrow about a murder at the Central Park Zoo. The body has been covered with a sheet by the Homicide squad but one blood-drenched hand protrudes from underneath. Ben Urich recognizes the victim as "Teddy Tones, one of Kingpin's couriers". He notices that Teddy has been "cut up pretty good" but wonders what has become of all of the blood. Frank tells Ben to "check out the cage wall". Inside a nearby cage is a message written in blood. It says, "Kingpin: Wolves Bite Back."