Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #31

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Starving Writer


The Spider-Man Revamp is coming up soon, so the Spidey folks are rushing up to wrap up various plot threads so that there will be a "clean slate" by the time the revamp rolls around.

Story 'More Than a Feelin''

Ellen Hibbert is on a case. Unfortunately for her, this case is unlike any other she's ever been on. You see, the Rhino is on a rampage, and he's yelling "Nothing!"

But the title isn't "The Sensational Ellen Hibbert" so of course we jump to the hero of this story, Peter Parker. Peter's doing some landscaping. Billy Walters decide to drop by, and the two men talk a bit. Billy informs Peter that he's quitting his job and going to Port Jervis because his mother is having health problems, then apologizes to Peter for being a jerk. Peter tells Billy that the apology is unneccessary, and that they'll keep in touch.

Just then, Aunt Anna informs Peter that the Rhino is rampaging. Peter makes some lame excuse, and before long Spider-Man's on the scene. Spidey finds the Rhino, they tussle a bit, and eventually Spidey figures out that the Rhino wants to feel a physical sensation.

While Spidey figures out how to help Rhino with his problem, and at the same time reduce property damage, Spidey spots a bus. A bus from the Lothridge School for the Deaf (Hope's school). Now Spidey has another problem on his hand ... saving the kids.

Spidey saves the bus with little damage, using his brains and tons of webbing. The problem is, the kids inside are terrified. Spidey finally signs something right ("friend") and this makes the kids feel better. After saving the kids, Spidey brings his attention back to the Rhino.

As luck would have it, Rhino knocks over a fire hydrant. Spidey picks up some live wire (with webbings around his hand, 'natch!) and drops them into the water surrounding Rhino. This zaps Rhino, and before Rhino goes into la-la land, he utters out a weak "Thanks."

And that concludes Mike Wieringo's final issue on Sensational Spider-Man.

General Comments

This was a good, light-hearted romp through the Spidey-verse. Of course, it was a filler issue, but as fillers go, this is pretty good. An enjoyable read, and one that futhered along plot threads (and in the case of the Billy Walters thread, ended it). And it was good to see Spidey finally get a sign right. This is, for all intent and purposes, the final issue of Sensational Spider-Man (the next two issues will be involved in cross-overs, and thus won't really retain the feeling of SEN), and it had the proper sense of closure.

Overall Rating

I give this four webs. The actual story would be 3 1/2 webs, but because "Lothridge School for the Deaf" made a cameo apperance, it automatically gets an additional 1/2 web. (For those of you that don't know, the school was named after me.)

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Starving Writer