Spider-Man/Red Sonja #3

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


The Hyborian sorcerer Kulan Gath, in an attempt to build a power base from which he can conquer his native land, has once again struck at modern-day Manhattan. Taking over the body of Senator Bryan Glass and altering it into his own twisted image, Kulan unleashed a wave of dark magic that is transforming New York City - and all in it - into a Hyborian version of itself.

Only one man - Peter Parker, the web-slinging Spider-Man - is immune to Gath's magic. To ensure that his wall-crawling foes does not interfere with his plans this time, Gath has set his own arch-nemesis against him... by transforming Spider-Man's wife, Mary Jane, into the She-Devil with a sword, Red Sonja!

Sonja attacked the wall-crawler, forcing him to fight against an opponent he knew in reality was MJ! And if that wasn't enough, a new player has entered the battlefield - a warrior that Gath now wants as his own - the sinister symbiotic super-villain known as Venom!

Story Details

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Venom is called to Kulan Gath. Venom resists, but Garth uses a spell to force Venom to be his.

Elsewhere, in the prison of Kulan's death camp, Spider-Man awakes. Amongst the other prisoners, he spots Robbie. But Robbie has been transformed as well.

Outside the prison, Red Sonja has gathered a bunch of men. They're there to free their families from the false god who calls himself Kulan Gath. Also, they must free their only hope, a great warrior who stood against Kulan Gath.

Spider-Man talks to Robbie. Kulan Gath has gathered every man, woman and child for sacrifice, their blood is his power. Spider-Man has to figure out a way to escape. Then an explosion is heard, Red Sonja has breached the prison and attacks the demons. Spidey enters the fight.

At the museum, Venom is fighting Kulan Gath. It seems the spell earlier on wasn't powerful enough. Gath uses a different approach and removes the symbiote from Eddie. Holding up his hand, we see the symbiote becoming part of Gath.

Back at the prison, the fight goes on. Vermin, riding a giant demon rat arrives. While Spider-Man and Red Sonja fight the creature, Robbie gets the people out to safety. Spider-Man is nearly crushed by the giant rat as Red Sonja kills the monster with her sword. She then gets Spidey on his feet and swears she won't fail him nor MJ, who's voice she can hear faintly inside her head. Walking out of the now destroyed prison, they are met by three of Spider- Man's foes. They are transformed as well and are ready to attack.

J. Jonah Jameson, the scribe of Kulan Gath is still at work, writing down what happened on the second day of the war. Kulan Gath has become Kulan Venom.

General Comments

A great ending, a double cliffhanger so to speak. Spidey and Red Sonja are taking on the Hobgoblin, the Scorpion and the Lizard. All transformed of course. And Kulan Gath has taken possession of the symbiote. Thus transforming him as well. And so we see the story evolve from merely a re-acting of the old Marvel Team-Up into a great sequel.

While reading the first issue, I wondered how is Michael Avon Oeming going to fill 5 issues with this story? Well, having read the end of issue 3, I think it'll be a blast! And perhaps with only 2 issue to go, it'll be 2 very crowded issues. We'll just have to wait and see.

It seems that Mel Rubi found his way on Red Sonja, meaning he found he right curve(s). Sonja has lost a few pounds, lifted certain assets (you know, like they seem to do all the time in Hollywood) and she now looks as sexy as I remember her from the old days.

Overall Rating

And yet another excellent issue, the art has improved and the story advances nicely! Well done and I can't hardly wait for the next issue!

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)