Spider-Man/Red Sonja #2

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


The Hyborian sorcerer Kulan Gath, in an attempt to build a power base from which he can conquer his native land, has once again struck at modern-day Manhattan. Taking over the body of Senator Bryan Glass and altering it into his own twisted image, Kulan unleashed a wave of dark magic that is transforming New York City - and all in it - into a Hyborian version of itself.

Only one man - Peter Parker, the web-slinging Spider-Man - is immune to Gath's magic. To ensure that his wall-crawling foes does not interfere with his plans this time, Gath has set his own archnemesis against him... by transforming Spider-Man's wife, Mary Jane, into the She-Devil with a sword, Red Sonja!

Story Details

Two hours ago, Eddie Brock is in the bathroom, reading the newspaper. He is talking to the mirror, Venom talks back. Then the change starts, Kulan Gath calls Venom, he understands their pain. It's time to finally get revenge, on Spider-Man.

Now, Spider-Man is being attacked by Red Sonja. Spider-Man is trying to make her understand she is his wife, which makes Red Sonja even more angry. After a hefty fight, they fall down, Spider-Man is out for the count. Red Sonja picks up her sword and tries to slash Spider-Man. Then she stops, it seems a bit of Mary Jane is returning. Just as they are about to get Mary Jane free from the spell, Venom crashes in. The fight continues, but this time it's Red Sonja with Spider-Man against Venom.

Back at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Kulan Gath is performing his dark magic spells. He has summoned a great evil, is pleases him. JJJ is writing it all down.

At Times Square, the people are being hunted by demons. Vermin is commanding them. The people are being taken to the pits, their blood will fuel the glorious ascension of Kulan Gath. Among them is Joseph Robertson.

Venom, Spider-Man and Red Sonja are still fighting. The city must become pure, and Venom shall cleanse it. Spidey tries to save Venom from being killed, because underneath, there's still Eddie Brock. But in doing so, Venom gets the upper hand and tosses Spider-Man away. Unconsciousness, Spider-Man falls down into some water in Central Park. Without Spider-Man, Red Sonja doesn't stand a chance and she runs away, diving after Spider-Man. Vermin, riding on a demon, then calls Venom, Kulan Gath wants to have a word with him.

Sheep's Meadow. The people are being gathered around. Kulan Gath has ordered to kill all redheaded women, as he has done before. Kulan Gath is pleased, he has pitted Spider-Man against Red Sonja, and the are dead now. He is dictating his story to JJJ, who patiently writes it all down.

Meanwhile, Red Sonja has located Spider-Man and takes him to the shore. She then leaves, there are too many enemies. Ten minutes later, Spidey is picked up by many hands, they look like demon hands. Red Sonja is watching from a distance, unable to do anything. And elsewhere, Kulan Gath is preparing a spell to make the power of Venom his.

General Comments

Huh? The synopsis of the previous issue talks about senator Bryan Glass... but in issue one he's called senator Thomas? Did I miss something or am I the proud owner of a very rare misprint?

Anyway, this issue was filled with action, action and action. Yep, even the introduction of Venom was all action. You might think, with all this action, was there any room left for the actual story? Yep, there was. What a relief, to read a comic that does not suffer from story decompression. And a nice twist, Kulan Gath does not know his enemies have survived and is now going for Venom. Which could become very interesting, since Venom is of course part man, part symbiote.

Overall Rating

Excellent, again! So why still not a full 5 webs? Well, the storytelling is great, but Red Sonja still has a few pounds here and there that should not be there. Yep, like I said with the previous issue, I have no problem with a T&A Spidey comic, but right now it's a t&A comic if you know what I mean. It's a balance thing.

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)