Spider-Man Marvel Adventures #6

 Posted: Jan 2011


This is not the Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man you remember, it is different, and probably will never go back to being that (which may or may not be a good thing). However, in either way, it’s the Marvel (Adventure) Universe with which you are currently stuck. It is (if you can pardon the expression), a Brand New Adventure.

And, as we’ve been saying, for reasons that (mostly) pass our understanding, Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man has been canceled and re-launched under this new title, Spider-Man Marvel Adventures. Yeah, yeah Spidey’s name does top off the header of the book, so we know that it is still contains stories about him as a teen that are set in the modern-day world, only (as stated) things are not quite as we remember them.

Story Details

It is the morning after the day before. Yesterday Spidey all but got his head handed to him by the psychopathic hitman, Bullseye. Today, Peter shows up in school with his arm in a sling and all bruised. However, before anyone can razz him, Sophia chimes in with his defense; that he was taking photos of the fight for the Bugle by leaning out of a window (to get a better shot) when he fell and sustained his injuries.

As the kids all go their separate ways, Pete and Sophia spot a mugging. Pete wants to switch into his spandex but Sophia stops him and send in the gaggle of birds, cats, and dogs that always follow her around, who handle the muggers quite well, without Spidey’s help. Several blocks away Emma Frost is sitting at Coral Moon Detention Center for Girls talking to her incarcerated friend, Girdy about Chat. Later that day finds Peter having his regular meeting with Captain Stacy who is still upset that his daughter is dating a member of the Torino Crime Family.

Later on that day, while walking home, Pete spots a carjacking but is beaten to the punch by Daredevil who captures the thieves before Pete can react. Back at his place, he and Sophia are going over new costume designs for Peter (who is thinking of ditching Spidey because of all the bad press Spider-Man has been getting), along with the possibility of Chat becoming an actual costumed superheroine (something that she is strongly against).

The following morning, Pete, Sophia and the other students from their school are all at a science exhibit at the Telsa Science Museum where portions of Doc. Ock’s arms and other tech are on display. There are quite a number of Federal agents guarding the exhibit. Suddenly, Ock breaks into the museum scattering the students and attacking the Feds, all the while demanding his tools back. Pete slips away to become Spidey while Chat makes a phone call for some back-up.

Spidey returns and starts to have it out with the Dr. but is hampered by the fact that he is still nursing a broken arm from his fight with Bullseye. However, just when things seem lost, Silencer shows up and pulls her mind stunts on Ock long enough for Spidey to catch his breath and land a haymaker on the villain that knocks him out cold. Silencer then gives Spidey a kiss on the cheek and ducks out before the cops arrive. Later, back at Pete’s place, Sophia is bandaging him up and exhibiting some strong jealous traits over the kiss he got from Silencer.

General Comments

OK, I have to admit that this “new Universes is starting to grow on me. I’m still not entirely happy with what is being done to “muck up” Spidey, but I’m less inclined to slam it. Truthfully, the stories do hold together pretty well, and the whole universe seems to be standing on its own, so I suppose that (so long as the comic achieves its goal, that is to say brings in new, younger readers), I’m tentatively for it.

Overall Rating

Since the story line seems to be improving (or simply because I’m not as objectionable to it as I initially was), I’m grudgingly willing to increase the book’s rating score by half a point..


This book takes the place of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, picking up with the same continuity as that series had at the end of its run.

 Posted: Jan 2011