Spider-Man Marvel Adventures #5

 Posted: Dec 2010


This is not the Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man you remember, it is different, and probably will never go back to being that (which may or may not be a good thing). However, in either way, it’s the Marvel (Adventure) Universe with which you are currently stuck. It is (if you can pardon the expression), a Brand New Adventure.

And, as we’ve been saying, for reasons that (mostly) pass our understanding, Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man has been canceled and re-launched under this new title, Spider-Man Marvel Adventures. Yeah, yeah Spidey’s name does top off the header of the book, so we know that it is still contains stories about him as a teen that are set in the modern-day world, only (as stated) things are not quite as we remember them.

Story Details

Last issue Spidey got into a brawl with Bullseye, he pretty much got the snot kicked out of him. While he did (sort of) manage to beat the psycho thug, Flapper, Chat’s owl friend/pet saved Spidey’s life by sacrificing his own. Now both teen hero and dead bird lye on top of some lonely rooftop.

243 blocks away, Flip (just some guy), is getting his breakfast from his lady and heading off to work, only his work isn’t the kind of work you talk about to your friends. Turns out that Flip is muscle for Berto Torino, and makes his living by strong arming local merchants for protection. Flip and his boys make their way across the city block by block, business by business as they make their rounds and collect their bounty. Only thing is, Flip doesn’t really feel good about what he does, and is considering not dong any more. Still he has a meeting with Torino, and heads off to see him.

Even as Bullseye recovers from his fall and makes his own getaway. Spidey slowly recovers, picks up Flapper, and wearily trudges off to find Chat. Sophia goes to Peter’s hous and asks Aunt May if he’s home, then calls Gwen as she groes ever worried when she can’t find Pete. Finally she calls in the Blonde Phantom who checks with the X-Men, none of whom have seen Spidey. Desperate, she even calls Carter Torino, which set both him and Gwen off to locate Pete.

Meanwhile practically every dog, cat and bird in Manhattan is also looking for the missing Spidey. Eventually they find him collapsed in a dumpster and set off to communicate to chat even as they attempt to minister to their friend’s boyfriend. Meanwhile Flip is back to collecting for Torino when one of his marks attempts to barter away his payment with info on the location of the battered Spidey. Blonde Phantom and Chat (along with several squirrels) rescue some love letters for one of their clients.

As they are leaving they are informed about Spidey’s location and head over to rescue him. Only Flip also has the info, and is also heading over there. When Chat arrives at the empty apartment that Spidey is in, she finds not only Spidey, but Flip, and numerous of her animal friends. Flip has taken pity on Spidey and bound his wounds. He then helps Spidey to Chat’s car and heads home to his lady frind, telling her that he’s unemployed, as he no longer wants to work for Torino and be a thug.

General Comments

Here we have a reasonably good story that has it moments, but still just isn’t delivering the same thrill that this book used to have. The story is serviceable and all, but personally this reviewer is looking for more.

Overall Rating

Perhaps it is time I begin to accept that this Spidey just isn’t who I remember and move on. Or, perhaps not.


This book takes the place of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, picking up with the same continuity as that series had at the end of its run.

 Posted: Dec 2010