Spider-Man: Death & Destiny #1


This story is set after the events that occurred in Amazing Spider-man #90, and fills in some gaps in Spidey lore. What you need to know is that Captain George Stacy was a great cop and one of the only supporters of Spider-man. He was also friend to Peter Parker, through his relationship with Gwen (George's daughter). George played a significant role in Peter's life and then during a battle between Spidey and Doc Ock, George died in the crossfire. This story picks up the pieces of this tragic chapter in Spidey's life.

Story 'Focus'

  Spider-Man: Death & Destiny #1
Summary: Story occurs after ASM #90 (Death of Captain Stacy)

The story starts with Spidey busting some crooks to try and find out the whereabouts of Doc Ock. Spidey seems determined to Doc Ock and make him pay for the death of George Stacy. He also uses this bust to snap some photos and then tries to sell them to Jonah. Jonah is also deeply disturbed by Stacy's death and turns Peter down. The story progresses as Peter single mindedly tries to find Doc Ock, interrogating every crook he can find. In his spare moments, Peter despairs over his role in George's death and constantly replays the events in his head. Peter's inner turmoils work to the detriment of the rest of his life. He's not there for his love Gwen in her grief and falls behind in his studies. All the while Doc Ock is in hiding, preparing himself to confront Spidey and gloating over the fact that the media blame Spidey for George Stacy's death.

General Comments

This is the first of the Spidey mini series that are to replace the now defunct Webspinners. And like most of the stories that appeared in that title, it is top notch. It is also Lee Weeks first effort at writing (he also provides pencils) which makes it even more impressive. You can tell that this series was a real labour of love for Weeks.

Overall Rating

A lovely start, five webs... which is unusual for a retelling.