Spider-Man 2: Webslinger (Scholastic)


Scholastic is a big name in kids books. I didn't see any books from them for the 2002 Spider-Man movie, but this time they're determined not to be left out of things. They've cooked up a series of eight coloring/activity books, each with a different gimmick. Four of them feature goodies stuck to the front of the book, and one of them is bilingual Spanish/English. Looks promising. Let's open the covers!

Story Details

  Spider-Man 2: Webslinger (Scholastic)
Summary: Includes Sticky Slingshot Hand
Publisher: Scholastic
Writer: Devan Aptekar
Illustrator: Mada Design

The same pattern carries on here - 32 clean white pages, mostly color-in scenes with subtitles, with a few embedded "puzzles" and games for variety. The "story" in this one is loosely a Mary-Jane thread. MJ and her new boyfriend John Jameson, MJ and Peter, MJ kidnapped, MJ rescued.

Gimmick on the front cover is a sticky red hand on a long stretchy sticky rope sort of thing. On the back cover, you have targets to cut out and fold over. Then, stand back and flick the hand slingshot thingy at the targets and score points for what you hit.

Overall Rating

It's five bucks, but I'm guessing most kids would think that the "webslinger" toy was pretty neat. Let's call it three average webs.