Spider-Man 2: Ahead By A Thread (Scholastic)


Scholastic is a big name in kids books. I didn't see any books from them for the 2002 Spider-Man movie, but this time they're determined not to be left out of things. They've cooked up a series of eight coloring/activity books, each with a different gimmick. Four of them feature goodies stuck to the front of the book, and one of them is bilingual Spanish/English. Looks promising. Let's open the covers!

Story Details

Similar to "Wallcrawler", here's 32 pages of quality white paper. Mostly coloring pages, with subtitles. A few puzzles and activity pages to break the monotony. Minimal plot: Peter is Spidey, Spidey fights Ock, Spidey wins.

The gimmick is four color crayons - red, blue, light blue, grey. The cut-out on the back cover is a two-sided fold-over Spidey to slide down a piece of thread. Price is five bucks, which would be fine, except that I just can't figure out how on earth those four colors are supposed to color Doc Ock! With an extra crayon and a better color range, this would be a pretty good deal, but as it stands it's not much use at all!

Overall Rating

Disappointing. Two and a half webs.