Ultimate Spider-Man: Fun on the Go (Tara Toys)


This "Fun on the Go" coloring/activity pack is from "Tara Toys Corporation" in 2014. There's also an "Avengers Assemble" version of this product which features a plastic case shaped like Iron Man, but I don't believe that the Avengers version features Spider-Man at all.

Story Details

  Ultimate Spider-Man: Fun on the Go (Tara Toys)
Summary: Plastic Box of Color/Activity Pages and Markers

The contents are contained in a plastic box with a 4" x 7" body and a plastic clip latch on the right-hand side. In addition, there is a plastic carry-handle on the top of the case, and when displayed at the store the size is further increased by the cardboard hanger.

The product is branded "Ultimate Spider-Man" on the hanging card, and the inside artwork does indeed tie-in to the popular Ultimate Spider-Man TV (2012) cartoon series.

Inside the pack are four short (3.5" length) marker pens in yellow, red, green and blue. The pens clip into the lid of the box. There are an additional three sticker sheets (each 3" x 4", 15 stickers in total), and 20 loose-leaf black and white line art "activity pages" (each 3.7" x 6.7").

White Tiger and Nick Fury guest star, along with Lizard and Doctor Octopus.

General Comments

There's nothing particularly special about the artwork. The resealable plastic case is perhaps rather convenient on a plane or car trip.

Overall Rating

These things sell for around $4 on eBay, which a fair price. The plastic box itself is probably worth that by itself. Then there's the four miniature markers, the teensy stickers, and the flimsy little drawing pages.

Yeah, OK, I'm convinced. Despite the lightweight contents, this is still solid value-for-money in an innovative format. Let's give it four webs.