Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #6


Felicia and Francis are on top of the Queensboro Bridge. Francis helped Felicia escape from Ryker's Island. He cries, he killed his brother. He wants to go away. Felicia can help him. Why? She's been raped too.

Story 'One In Four'

When she grew up, Felicia wanted to be just like her father, a cat burglar. But is was somebody else who shaped her destiny. At ESU, a boy named Ryan became her boyfriend. Once, in his room, he tried to persuade her into having sex. But when she wanted to go away, he raped her. This became a motivation to train her body. So that she would be strong enough to kill him. But he died in a car accident before she could do it. That was the first night she went out to steal, something got stolen from her, so she stole too. Later she met Spider- Man. She then tells Francis she'll help him. Francis can't, they'll all laugh at him.

Nearby, Spider-Man and Daredevil are looking for Felicia and Francis. Daredevil notices Felicia's heartbeat. Spider-man sees the bridge and cries no! It looks like Francis is about to throw Felicia over the edge. Spidey kicks Francis, Daredevil catches Felicia. A fight follows. Francis teleports the mask of the Black Cat into Spider-Man's neck. He goes down. Felicia cries Peter and runs towards him and tells Daredevil to get a doctor.

Francis starts screaming, Felicia lied to him. He teleports a gun from his bedroom into his hand. He wants to shoot Felicia. Spider-Man quickly webs up his hand as he fires the gun. The impact causes him to fall down of the bridge. Both Spider-Man and the Black Cat try to save him, but just as he is to hit the water he teleports out of there.

Epilogue 1. Felicia and Peter are taking a walk. She tells him that because of him she can trust again. Then she tells about her ESU experience.

Epilogue 2. Francis meets up with Mr. Fisk. Francis is in bandages, his right leg is missing. He wans to kill Spider-Man. For 10 million he buys the suit of Mysterio from the Kingpin.

General Comments

OK, this is a comic book, so, why do I have the feeling I did not read one? It's mostly about rape, and how to deal with it. Look, I am totally against rape, but do I have to read this in a comic book. A Spider-Man comic book for crying out loud? Man, I wish Kevin Smith had ended this series 3 years ago, on schedule. I bet the raping of Felicia would not have been written like it is right now. Gimme the original story, please.

And with the rape story, part of the origin of the Black Cat got changed, or retconned if you like. Also, very corny that Ryan happened to die in a car accident. Why? Since Kevin Smith already spoiled Felicia once, why not make her a murderer too? Perhaps this is where the editor stepped in and finally said stop!

Then, last issue, we saw a hint, the bridge. Sure, it not the same bridge as the one Gwen Stacy died, but still, the reference was there. In this issue, it goes further. Why Kevin, why did you have to do that? Not very original and I'd even like to say, it's lame, very lame.

Finally, the Mysterio thingy. Feeling guilty? For killing the original Mysterio several years ago in the pages of Daredevil?

In short too many questions remain after the series has ended. Mainly because I do not get it. What was the reason for making this series. A series to entertain us, or to educate us? Please, tell, for I would like to know.

Overall Rating

I hated this issue. This is not a Spider-Man comic book. Still, Terry and Rachel did a great job, so, again 1 web for each and none for Kevin. This started out to be a cool series but went out like a candle.