Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #4


What happened before? I remember something about a new drug lord, a new drug and Felicia about to become raped by that drug lord. Oh, Terry Dodson drew them.. I mean... the books.

Story 'A Study In Scarlet'

Ryker's Island. Felicia Hardy is in jail, she has a visitor. Turns out, she's in jail for the murder of Garrison Klum. Under the influence of heavy narcotics, she butchered him. Based on the condition of her costume, there's evidence of sexual assault. But upon arrest, Felicia did refuse a rape kit. The visitor says they can introduce rape into evidence to justify self-defense. He didn't rape me, says Felicia. She explains her definition of rape and by that definition, Klum did not rape her. Also, she did not kill him. She gets mad at the man, telling him to exonerate her. Then he leaves, and as Felicia asks his name, he tells her it's Matt Murdock.

The office of Nelson and Murdock. Journalist are outside the office to ask Matt questions about Daredevil. Peter is waiting in Matt's office. Matt tells Peter she didn't do it, based on her heart beat. At least, she believes she didn't do it. But the biggest problem is, she insists Klum did not rape her. That's bad for her defense and it could be she's in some heavy denial. Peter wants to bust her out but Matt says it's best to lay low. Peter hardly listens to what Matt tells him. He wants to bust Felicia out, and he can use Matt's help. They argue about it and in the end, Matt agrees to help Peter.

Ryker's, Cell block H. Both Spider-Man and Daredevil made it inside. It's awfully quiet. The guards are down on the floor. Felicia is outside her cell, being held by Francis, Klum's major domo. As Spider-Man wants to help Felicia, Daredevil attacks him. Francis is making them fight each other. Felicia cries, she asks him to take them away. He does. Daredevil asks whether Francis is a teleporter, Spider-Man answers, worse, he's telekinetic.

General Comments

Pinch me, please. Is this for real? Did issue 4 finally find it's way to the comic shops? Yep, it did.

Well, what can I say? Might as well have been issue 1 of a new series. I did not re-read the first 3 issues, did not feel like it. And re-reading them would be easy, for Marvel put out an Marvel Must Haves book with all 3 issues in it. Somehow, it did not matter anymore. Klum? Who cares? The rape, that was important. That was the cliffhanger for the past 3 years. And did it get solved? No. Do I like that? No.

Francis... and Felicia... there's something going on here. What I do not know yet, we'll have to wait until the next issue. And perhaps I do need to re-read the first 3 issues for I'm beginning to think I missed something.

Overall Rating

A book three years in the making (and hardly worth the wait), so it says on the title page. And I agree, not worth the wait. So still a bit above average with 3.5 webs because it shows a very strong Felicia. I'm not sure I buy the did / did not get raped thingy, but so far, I go with it.