Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual #21

Story 'The Wedding!'

Spidey (in the black costume) is web slinging through town and finds an escaped criminal - Electro! He captures him and then goes looking for more trouble - and more pix for the Bugle. He eventually returns home, to find MJ in the process of moving in. She leaves for a photo shoot, and the Parker conscious kicks in, causing him to wonder about how he could support a model.

Pete takes his photos to the paper and is surprised by the staff with a party in honor of his upcoming nuptials. JJJ walks in and in his inimitable fashion, complains about a party on Bugle time; but, after Peter leaves, he wants to dock everyone's pay that didn't attend.

Peter spends a restless night, and then meets MJ for lunch the next day with "the ring." He leaps to the ceiling and goes down to one knee, asking MJ to wed him once again. She responds with the famous, "I hate cleaning footprints off the ceiling." The pair eat, sharing some pre-wedding jitters.

Mary Jane leaves for a meeting, where she is presented (by a not-so-old flame) two tickets to Paris if she will skip the wedding. Peter goes to Aunt May's house, and reminisces over a scrap book. His bride and her Aunt appear, and the couple announces the upcoming marriage to their family. MJ leaves in a Ferrari with her ex, and Peter takes the subway home. Both are starting to have second thoughts. When they meet up again that night, Spidey takes MJ web slinging to clear their heads.

The next day, Flash (the Best Man) and Harry take Peter out for a bachelor party, but Pete is withdrawn, showing the famous Parker Angst. His friends try to convince him that love conquers all, while MJ is having an end-all, be-all blowout party across town. Peter finally crashes for the night, and has nightmares about all of his enemies trying to attack MJ, and being helpless to stop them. He wakes up in a sweat, wondering what he should do. Meanwhile, MJ is out with her glamorous friend, wondering the same.

Jump to City Hall. All of the guest are in attendance, but both the bride and groom are late. At the last minute, both appear and the wedding is a huge success. MJ gives Peter the tickets to France with which her friend tried to tempt her, and they go off on their honeymoon to being their life together.