Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #137

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Jeanne Burch

Story 'The Green Goblin Strikes!'

Arriving at the scene of a truck hijacking, Spider-Man finds pieces of orange plastic scattered about, proof that the Green Goblin is involved. Thinking that he now must face his friend whatever the cost, he confronts the Green Goblin at the old Osborn townhouse, closed down since the death of Norman Osborn months before. Harry points to three view screens, which show Flash Thompson, Mary Jane Watson, and Peter's own Aunt May strapped to metal chairs. Each have a bomb over their chair. "One of the bombs is real, and set to go off in six minutes. The other two are only have time to pick one -- and if you pick wrongly -- the person most dear to you -- dies!" Peter stands speechless. "I told you I would have justice, Peter. An eye for an eye, a life for a --"

A resounding "POW" fills the room. The Green Goblin lays unmoving. Spider-Man says, "You're lucky I pulled that punch, Osborn. Otherwise, instead of simply being unconscious--you'd be dead."

For a long moment, Spider-Man is indecisive. Then he thinks of Harry's words, and decides to take them literally. When he runs out of web fluid, he has to hunt up spare cartridges and hope he isn't taking too much time. Finally he gets to May's side, finding her unconscious and the bomb hanging over her head. Throwing it into a nearby lake, he desperately hopes he has guessed right: that the "most dear" meant May, and not Flash or M.J. When the bomb explodes, Spider-Man exhales in relief; "Burrrutthhhher!! If I never have to go through something like that again -- it'll be too soon!"; and goes to collect Harry. "It didn't work, Harry. My Aunt's just fine."

"In that case--I'll have to kill you !"

Peter works hard not to actually hurt Harry. "I lost my temper before, and I'm sorry -- Don't force me to hit you again--!"

"You'll have to do more than hit me, Parker. You'll have to murder me, as you murdered Dad, before I ever let you go alive!" The struggle takes them near the view screens with the elaborate electrical panel. Harry falls against it, receiving a shock that knocks him out. Hearing sirens, Peter hurriedly gets them both into street clothes. But Harry is not finished yet. As he is being carried out on a stretcher, Harry announces: "Peter Parker is Spider-Man -- and I can prove it!"

Peter decides the gig is up, thinking, "Well, that's it. Harry told me he'd do it -- and he did ... I might as well just admit it..." But the police are not so easily convinced. "That's a pretty wild accusation, son ... How do you know who Spider-Man is?"

"That's obvious, officer." Harry gestures to himself. "I'm the Green Goblin!"

The police are not interested. "Take him away, boys. The Goblin's been around for years. If he's the Goblin -- he must have started might young." As the raving Harry is driven off, one of the officers turns to Peter. "Poor kid. He's going to need a lot of help."

"Whatever I can give, he's got," replies Peter. "You see, officer... he's my friend."

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Jeanne Burch