Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #25

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)

Story 'Hunter's Moon'

Spidey has rushed Billy to the Fantastic Four's tower. Reed puts him in a some super oxygenated fluid – some kind of artificial womb - to try to keep him alive. Reed says the rest of the team are out fighting Mole Man's monster and wonders if everything is connected. Felicia explains that she feels as if something is ripping into her and Reed says he wants to run some tests.

In Avengers Tower, John has turned into Man-Wolf. He is towering over MJ when May comes to a timely rescue by whacking him over the head with a pot of tea and pulling MJ into the kitchen.

At FF, Spidey feels something is wrong at home and dashes off. Reed wonders if it is one of his new powers. Meanwhile, Tony's Avengers robots are coming to MJ and May's help. The shoot him full of sedative and Spidey arrives back just in time to see him reverted back to his human self.

Down in the sewers, Lizard and Vermin are reacting to their instincts.

Peter and MJ are talking about their odd behaviour – MJ with the knife, Felicia's reaction to the Lizard, Pete's fury at her – and wondering what's going on. Pete says he's got to go after the Lizard and MJ gives him her blessing. He puts on the new suit Tony designed for him and sets off.

His first point of call, however, is Madame Web.

General Comments

You've got to give Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa credit for the sheer number of Spidey old-school favourites he has crammed in here. Lizard, Vermin, Black Cat, Man- Wolf and Madame Web all making appearances is a pretty neat trick. I do like how things all seem to be tied in – the aggression and it will be interesting to see how things go.

Angel Medina's vision of Spidey in the new costume is excellent too and the page spread where Spidey first puts it on is excellent. If he could just nail the art on MJ and May the books really would be fab.

Things are still boiling up nicely. There are a few potentially great battles brewing and Medina's work on Lizard v Vermin should be great. The reveal has been nicely guarded as well.

Overall Rating

Going nicely.

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)