New Avengers #55


Last issue Clint Barton A.K.A. Ronin decided it was time to take Norman Osborn out once and for all. Will the rest of The New Avengers agree with this course of action?

Story Details

  New Avengers #55
Summary: Spider-Man appears

One week ago, just after The New Avengers retreated from a battle with The Hoods crew in issue 50, The Hoods crew find the Stark tech power drainer which The New Avengers planned to use on The Dark Avengers. The Hood tells them it’s damaged and for them to meet next Friday to decided their next move.

Thursday night, Captain America returns to his apartment and finds that the team have left it a mess and he doesn’t look happy about it. Back to a week ago, one of The Hoods goons has taken the power drainer to Dr. Jonas Harrow who believes he can fix it. Friday night, and The Crew are having the meeting The Hood arranged. The Hood is not there, due to the events of the last issue. Dr. Harrow tells them that The Hood was working for Osborn, which causes some of the group to quit. Harrow then tells them that The Hood should have told them who they were working for and that’s not the right way to do business. That said he wouldn’t mind having a get out of jail free card, and he has something that will get Osborn’s attention.

Now in The Avengers hideout, the team are discussing their next move. Clint tells them they should Kill Osborn, stunned the rest of the team disagree but Cage tells them they do need to discuss this. Spider-Man tells them that this is how it is for him all the time. Everyone hates him and he’s used to it but now that everyone hates The Avengers and they can’t cope. Captain America tells the team they are needed elsewhere.

In Times Square Chemistro is attacking anything at moves. The New Avengers attack him only to discover their powers no longer work. The team is powerless and unconscious as Chemistro stands over them.

General Comments

First of all I’d like to welcome Stuart Immonen as the new artist on new Avengers, after his run on Ultimate Spider-Man I hope he stays around for a while. Back to this issue, well it appears The Hood is losing his grip as the new kingpin but I’m sure he’s not done yet. Not much actually happens in this issue but a few plot points are addressed, such as Clint’s decision to try to kill Osborn. The cliff hanger ending has me looking forward to the next part.

Overall Rating

Typical Bendis first part of a story. Lots of set up, hopefully this will lead to the New/Dark Avengers battle that keeps being teased.