New Avengers (Vol. 1) #53

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


The Hood and Dr. Strange are searching for the new Sorcerer Supreme. Dr Strange wants to pass on the mantle to the new chosen one, The Hood wants the power for himself and has found Daimon Hellstrom A.K.A The Son of Satan before Dr. Strange.

Story Details

The New Avengers are flying to New Orleans to find Daimon Hellstrom, Spider-man is apologising to Luke Cage about his wife being in love with him when they were at school. He says he would never do anything with her but would love to get together with Iron Fist. The Eye of Agamotto appears and shows every possible candidate for Sorcerer Supreme and disappears. Suddenly the Quinjet is attacked by Madame Masque. Wolverine, Spider-man, Spider-Woman and Captain America confront her while the rest of the team land the Quinjet.

Meanwhile five minutes ago in Daimon's apartment he and The Hood are fighting when The Eye of Agamotto appears and disappears, Daimon realises what The Hood is looking for and decides to stop him. Back outside Captain America tells the others on the Quinjet to investigate the disturbance caused by Hellstrom and The Hood, while they look for Madame Masque. Hellstrom appears to be gaining the upper hand when The Hood transforms into a giant demon. Luke and the others arrive to help. Madame Masque has taken a hostage and is about to kill her when Captain America shoots her in the Mask knocking her out. Dr. Strange, Daimon and Luke Cage continue to battle The Hood when Jericho Drumm A.K.A Bother Voodoo appears, wearing The Eye of Agamotto!

General Comments

First of all it's nice to have some action in New Avengers! We finally find out who the new Sorcerer Supreme is. Although I am disappointed it's not Dr. Doom, (I'd love to see a villain with the powers that come with being the Sorcerer Supreme). I'm sure Marvel has a plan for Brother Voodoo: Sorcerer Supreme - Although I've heard him be referred to as Dr. Voodoo I prefer my title for him as he never called himself Dr. Voodoo before.

Overall Rating

3 webs for the action and the Spidey and Iron Fist gag. Mr Bendis more action please?

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)