Marvel Heroes (UK Magazine) #12 (Story 1)

 Posted: Aug 2010
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Marvel Heroes is the third UK Spider-Man/Marvel Magazine title from the Panini stable. The others are Spectacular Spider-Man (UK Magazine) for early teens, and Spider-Man & Friends (UK Magazine) for the pre-school market. Marvel Heroes is a recent replacement for the relatively short-lived Rampage (UK) which was also aimed at the mid-late teen market.

This magazine features 36 glossy pages. As the title indicates, the content is 100% Marvel related, and most of the major Marvel Heroes get a look-in from time to time. The audience is clearly early/mid-teens, with plenty of DVD, movie and video-game link-in. Over time, the excessive self-promotion which marred earlier issues was gently scaled back to more acceptable levels.

Spider-Man swings past to feature in a story ever now and again. And now is one of those issues. Silver Surfer appears to be the co-star in this pair of inter-linked stories.

Story 'Like a Moth to a Flame...'

  Marvel Heroes (UK Magazine) #12 (Story 1)
Summary: 09-Sep-2009 (Silver Surfer Story. Spider-Man References)
Publisher: Panini Magazines
Editor: Ed Hammond
Writer: James Peatty
Pencils: Neil Edwards
Inker: Gary Erskine

In the first of our two stories, the Silver Surfer is called to an alien planet where all the men have departed to pursue their warlike ambitions, leaving the women behind to form a powerful matriarchy. Following the men's defeat, they attempted to return and seek to re-unity. The Silver Surfer is there to help forge a peace, but he and the men are betrayed by the sisterhood. The Silver Surfer manages to save the day by deflecting the "quantum missile" launched by the sisterhood at the leaders of the brotherhood.

For some reason, following that rescue, instead of launching into all-out war, the brotherhood and sisterhood start down the road of peace. There's no explanation why this should be the case. The first attack failed to meet its target but why would that end the whole conflict. Ah well. Who can tell.

Oh, one more thing. The deflected quantum bomb opened a wormhole in space and flung through some debris. Which leads us to...

...our backup story in Marvel Heroes (UK Magazine) #12 (Story 2).

General Comments

This is a silly story. As a silly story, it might just have worked. But unfortunately it makes the mistake of attempting to take itself seriously.

Overall Rating

Nice art, and a concept which isn't overly cliched. I can see the potential here. Let's call it three webs.

 Posted: Aug 2010
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)