Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #28

 Posted: 2007


This series features tremendous unconnected stories of a classically-themed Spider-Man that are set in the modern-day world. Each story is designed to evoke the look and feel of a Stan Lee-style action tale, wrapped up a contemporary art. Each story has no connection to other issues - other than that the recognizable elements of the Marvel Universe remain the same (Pete is Spidey, JJJ runs The Daily Bugle, etc.), and everything remains recognizable to even the most casual of readers). All this makes the comic series perfect for not only younger but new readers as well. Even for older fans that are looking to read Spider-Man stories without having to deal with 45 years of continuity or the messy fallout of Marvel's recent Civil War event will enjoy this series.

Story 'I Hate Spider-Man!'

  Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #28
Summary: New Adventures of Spider-Man as a teen

The Green Goblin hates Spider-Man. Hates him with a passion. Now he wants to set himself up as the kingpin of crime in New York City, and is recruiting new muscle to fill in his organization. Meanwhile Spidey has taken such a beating from the Goblin that Pete is afraid to put his costume back on, leaving the Goblin free reign over the city.

General Comments

Still smarting over his last beat-down by the webbed wonder, The Green Goblin is meeting with various crime figures so as to form his new crime syndicate. The only problem is that he can't get anyone to sign on with him, as they all feel that Spidey will simply kick the crap out of Goblin like he has in the past, (which; incidentally is why Goblin hates Spidey). It is at this point that Goblin determines that, for the sake of his own rep, he's got to take Spidey down once and for all.

Meanwhile, across town, Pete is doing his Web-slinging thing, and enjoying life for once. He just aced a history test, Liz asked him to tutor her, and all is right with the world. Just then, Goblin flies by, and starts in on our hero. Unrelenting, he goes after Spidey, raining pumpkin bombs down on him in a Supervillain version of "Shock and Awe." When the smoke clears, Spidey is down for the count, and the Goblin is still standing.

The arrival of fire and police scare Goblin off leaving Spidey behind in the rubble of the building that Goblin just brought down around his ears. Beaten, dejected, and jumping at his own shadow, Pete climbs out of his costume, and takes the subway home; where he proceeds to hide out in his room for the rest of the week. With Spidey in self-imposed exile, the Goblin has the run of the City, and he is not only scooping up all the good loot, but building an army of thugs as henchmen.

Needless to say, with Pete terrified to go near anything even remotely dangerous, his crime photography pics are shot from quite far away, making them useless to JJJ to use in the pages of The Bugle. Another bit of the equation comes about with an embolden Goblin starts taking more and more risks during his daring daylight crime spree, now that Spidey is no where to be seen. This starts freaking out some of the thugs, who begin to realize that the Goblin is, well, crazy.

Eventually, it is the soothing wisdom of Aunt May that causes Pete to get past being afraid, put back on his red and blue costume, and go back out after the Goblin. While tracking his foeman, Spidey comes across one of the crooks fleeing the crazed Goblin. The guy tells Spidey where to find the Goblin, and Spidey shows up to take him on once again. Thinking that he still has the upper hand, the Goblin does something foolish. Instead of turning tail and running, he goes mano-a-mano against the wall crawler. It is during this second knock-down drag-out that Spidey beats the bejesus out of his green foe, and turns him over to the cops.

Once home, Aunt May tries a new recipe out on her beloved nephew, artichokes.

Overall Rating

This story was (way) better than last month's and hopefully the return to quality will remain with future issues.


There is another great four-page Chris Giarruso Mini-Marvel story in this comic. It stars Hulk, and several members of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Avengers, only no Spidey.

 Posted: 2007