Marvel Adventures Avengers #3

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: James Dooley (E-Mail)


Super-soldier from World War II, weather Goddess, super-strong alter ego of scientist Bruce Banner, spider-powered web-slinger, giant sized crimefighter, brilliant armored inventor, feral mutant brawler. Together they are the World's Mightiest Heroes, battling the foes that no single super hero could withstand!

Marvel Adventures Avengers is a continuity free book aimed at younger readers. It has a non tradional roster featuring the big seven of Marvel. Storm and Giant Girl are not members of the Avengers in the 616 Marvel Universe. Storm is probably in because of her large part in X-Men movies. Also she may be taking the role of the "thunder god" that Thor usually holds. Personally I think her uniform looks a lot like Carol Danvers (Warbird, Ms. Marvel, Binary...). Giant Girl is a member of the Young Avengers and the daughter of Ant Man (Scott Lang) in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

This issue features the Captain America foe, Baron Zemo!

Story 'Finding Zemo'

This issue starts of with "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" type screening of the Captain America movie. I am glad it's no the one from the 1980's. The Avengers are attending a ceremony honoring Captain America. They have been to a lot of them this year. It turns out that Iron Man is sleeping in his armor. No wonder they don't get along in Civil War. Cap's award gases him, the roof comes off and Baron Zemo is revealed! Zemo's War Walker easily handles the Avengers. After the battle, all that is left is Cap's shield. We then go to the Avengers Tower, just like in the 616 Universe. The only thing missing is the Sentry's Watch Tower. Storm is revealed to be the other team leader and begins to discuss their plans for their next encounter.

Baron Zemo has cap shackled and guarded by robots. The Avengers send a decoy Quinjet to divert Zemo's attention. Spidey and Wolverine sneak in to rescue Cap. Storm and Iron Man tackle the outside forces with a "blizzard" of repulsor blasts. With Zemo on the ropes, He summons his ultimate weapon, the Omega War Walker! But all is not as it seems, Giant Girl and Iron Man cleaned out the guts of the OWW and Giant Girl hides in side. Zemo is revealed to be the grandson of the original. Cap has secretly been keeping tabs on him. Zemo swears to keep on fighting, but Cap will be there to stop him.

General Comments

Good Stuff: Spidey's Scooby Doo comment about Zemo's unmasking was priceless. The Cap movie MST 3000 sequence was great. We see Jarvis and the Avenger's Tower. Storm does a good job as team leader and strategist. Her poster comment was perfect. We see the Zemo heritage.

Needs work: There were to many monkey robots and war walkers for Zemo. I wished for a Thuderbolts cameo. I didn't really believe that Giant Girl and Iron Man could strip the Omega War Walker and put Giant Girl inside. I think the OWW would have been hid or guarded as a surprise. The Avengers would have not seen it or had time to disable it that thoroughly.

Overall Rating

Overall Ok, but we need some more action and villians. Good humor by the group.

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: James Dooley (E-Mail)