Marvel Adventures Avengers #2

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: James Dooley (E-Mail)


Super-soldier from World War II, weather Goddess, super-strong alter ego of scientist Bruce Banner, spider-powered web-slinger, giant sized crimefighter, brilliant armored inventor, feral mutant brawler. Together they are the World's Mightiest Heroes, battling the foes that no single super hero could withstand!

Marvel Adventures Avengers is a continuity free book aimed at younger readers. It has a non tradional roster featuring the big seven of Marvel. Storm and Giant Girl are not members of the Avengers in the 616 Marvel Universe. Storm is probably in because of her large part in X-Men movies. Also she may be taking the role of the "thunder god" that Thor usually holds. Personally I think her uniform looks a lot like Carol Danvers (Warbird, Ms. Marvel, Binary...). Giant Girl is a member of the Young Avengers and the daughter of Ant Man (Scott Lang) in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

This month's issue features a battle between the Avengers and two Hulk villians!

Story 'The Leader Has a Big Head'

We start off in the middle of a battle with sea creatures. Spidey uses his science knowledge to identify the creatures. Wolverine is about to do what he does best, but Captain America reminds him that Avengers don't kill. The hulk is spit out of one creature only to land on another, a giant man o war. It begins to sting and drown the Hulk. Spidey "takes a cue from the water spider and spin a thin membrane to hold oxygen." During the rescue, Spidey and the Hulk are captured by a sub. It turns out the Leader is responsible. The Leader does the typical bad guy thing: he reveals his master plan to his captives. It turns out he was behind the sea creatures mutation. It is just the start. He looks to take over the world and have it ruled by a Gamma Sovereignty. The Leader had enlisted the help of The Abomination. The Leader recounts their origin, which is a departure from the 616 universe. The Abomination, The Leader and the Hulk were created by the same exposure to a gamma ray accident. Three people holds a significance. Gamma is the third letter of the Greek alphabet.

The Leader actually is actually looking to "help" the Hulk, by getting rid of the Bruce Banner persona. The Abomination is stuck in one form and wants the hulks changing abilities. The Hulk looks like he is going to cooperate, but he destroys the Leader's equipment, flooding the sub. The Abomination delivers a punch to the Hulk that launches him 600 feet in the air. The Avengers see this and rush to the fight in the Quinjet. After the Hulk lands, Spidey is sent on the same 600 ft trip. the island is then sealed off, trapping the Hulk. The Avengers try to rescue the Hulk, but cannot break the barrier. Wolverine has an idea. Learning his lesson, he uses his brain and begins to antagonize the Hulk. This fuels the Hulk's rage. The Hulk begins to win and uses the Abomination to destroy the shield generator. The Avengers rush in. The Leader is captured with Spidey's webbing, and the Abomination is smashed with a sub by Giant Girl.

General Comments

Good Things: Spidey uses his scientific knowledge, two Hulk villains, Wolverine taunting the Hulk, the Leader's dialogue was great and a reference to the Quinjet

Needs Work: Spidey's scientific knowledge should be more physically centered, not biologically. The new origins were ok, but seemed a little forced that all three got it in the same accident. The water spider idea was good but looked a little silly. The ending ("Hulk have friends") seemed like a public service announcement.

Overall Rating

Overall pretty good, but some minor complaints.

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: James Dooley (E-Mail)