Infinity Crusade #5


This is another in a long line of epic cosmic adventures by Jim Starlin done during the '80s. The concept of these adventures (and cast) are all essentially the same. Some great cosmic power (generally the mad god Thanos of Titan) threatens all of existence and all of the heroes of the Marvel Universe gather together to fight it off (even if they, like Spider-Man) are not considered cosmic in nature). Other main characters generally involve Adam Warlock, Pip the Troll, Gamora, and other cosmic Starlin characters. Sometimes Thanos was the good guy, sometimes he was the bad guy, but always was he out for what he could get out of the entire event (even if he was temporarily siding with the angels).

Needless to say, as these are epic gang adventures, specific many (most) characters are relegated to standing around in crowds, having a line of two or dialogue, or perhaps a panel or three of action per issue. Such is the case with Spider-Man in this particular series (in other Infinity titles he had a greater or lesser role in the adventure).

Adam Warlock and his team of Earth and intergalactic heroes (along with the mad god Thanos) are closing in on a being called The Goddess (Warlock's feminine side, which somehow split off from Adam Warlock). As the series was cosmic in scope, and six issues in length, not only did nothing really happen until the later issues in the series, but nothing in the series actually affected anyone (except perhaps to those in Warlock's regular supporting cast).

Story 'Holy War!'

Hey! Spidey finally made the cover! Woo Ha! We're heading for the big time now!

General Comments

Don't you believe it folks, for while Spidey does appear in a few panels (and has a line or two of dialogue) it is all for naught, as he gets his head handed to him by X-Man Guido, the Strong Guy. Spider-Woman (Carpenter) also appears, only to also get her clock cleaned).

Overall Rating

While the story itself is vintage Starlin, and fun to read for its epic scale and philosophical outlook on the nature of heroes and villains, as a Spidey tale, it rates towards the bottom of the web scale, as a Spidey-Sighting, Sorry Jim.


Nothing Spidey-related happened, so nothing to say, save that the while series doesn't do much for our pal Spidey, it is still fun to read.