Imperfects #6

 Title: Imperfects
 Posted: 2005


This comic is (assuming that it doesn't spawn a sequel) the final chapter an outgrowth from one of Marvel's licensors, Electronic Arts (EA), rather than being grown organically by the company's comicbook division. That said - the comic is essentially a novelization of the EA game (not that that's a bad thing). At any rate, in association with Marvel's brand-new game production division, EA developed this combat videogame, which forms a fighting franchise between several "A"-List Marvel heroes and a group of brand-new characters developed by EA's creative designers specifically for the game itself. For more information about the videogame, check out the IGN website.

In Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (both the videogame and the comic), an alien genius, named Professor Roekel, (something of a nutball, actually) is attempting to create a warrior class of, perfect fighting machines that will be subject to his control (apparently he didn't see any of the Alien films, for if he did, he would have seen where this is all heading). At any rate, even though his creations are masterful and powerful, when the mad scientist begins his experiments with earthlings, he and his creations must contend with both a second group of alien warriors (the ones who have been chasing Roekel) as well as various Marvel superheroes, and a warrior woman named Maya.

Story 'Rise of the Imperfects: Part 6'

  Imperfects #6
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Renato Arlem

The Marvel Heroes have tracked the Imperfects to the South American Rainforest where they attempt come to some sort of a peaceful resolution, only that is not to be as Electra joins the fray on the side of the Imperfects, directing one of their number (Johnny Ohm) to tear his way into an ancient Incan ruin and appropriate a mysteriously glowing gem for Roekel's continued research. As they try to contain the conflagration, the Imperfects, alien warriors, an indigenous tribe, and the Marvel heroes as both Iron Man and Storm show up siding with the Imperfects.

While the battle rages on, Maya's father queries an ancient shaman who is overlooking the battle. Maya's father was sent reinforcements only, how much they can help against such high-powered combatants is questionable. Overhead in the safety of his lab, Roekel and his crew watch.

The Marvel heroes are dually hampered by the fact that three of their number (Electra, Iron Man, and Storm) are possessed by the Roekel's sentient green goop, and are still fighting against them. To their credit, The Torch convinces Solara to go nova and burn the gunk out of her system, which she almost does when Roekel remotely convinces her to power down, and orders her to bring Maya to him.

Right about now, Reed Richards, uploads some new protocols to Shell Head's armor causing it to reject Roekel's implant as well as short circuiting Storm's crystal as well, freeing both of them from Roekel's control, then Iron Man fries the rest of Roekel's that have been implanted in the Imperfects. Outflanked, the Imperfects become docile and comply with the Marvel Heroes orders to stand down.

Needless to say, just as things calm down, the alien warriors attack the group, and the Imperfects and Marvel Heroes team up to fight them. Together the three groups (Imperfects, Marvel Heroes and May's people) make short work of the alien warriors. It looks like they are winning against the warriors; only Maya's village gets torched, killing off her entire family. Horrified, May realizes that it wasn't the warriors that did this, but Roekel, who shows up and abducts all of the Imperfects, as well as Maya, thus all but ending this tale here.

General Comments

The story winds up, almost essentially where it began. We see the heroes gathered at the FF's apartment in the Baxter Building, mulling over the events of the past several hours (six issues). They are back in their "real" lives, the Imperfects (and Maya) are off-world with Roekel, and everything is back as it was before this series began (save that we readers are all out $ 17.94 plus tax - just as this reviewer said at the beginning of issue #1).

Can a sequel (to both the game and comic) be far behind?

Overall Rating

This one was so obviously done for the money; nothing of any real importance was accomplished or achieved. Sort of like any of the yearly cross-company mega-events. Sorry that I couldn't have been more supportive of this, but I've seen it done to death, and - while it can be done well - this just wasn't one of those times.


The book was a six issue series, so it read like a basketball game where only the last five minutes (final issue) actually counted. Only, I still wish that it could have been done in four, rather than six issues, thus saving all of us $5.98).

 Title: Imperfects
 Posted: 2005