Imperfects #5

 Title: Imperfects
 Posted: 2005


This comic is an outgrowth of one of Marvel's licensors, Electronic Arts (EA), rather than being generated by the comicbook division. That said - the comic is essentially a novelization of the EA game (not that that's a bad thing). At any rate, in association with Marvel's brand-new game production division, EA developed this combat videogame, which forms a fighting franchise between several "A"-List Marvel heroes and a group of brand-new characters developed by EA's creative designers specifically for the game itself.

In Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (both the game and the comic), an alien genius, named Professor Roekel, (something of a nutball, actually) is attempting to create a warrior class of, perfect fighting machines that will be subject to his control (apparently he didn't see any of the Alien films, for if he did, he would have seen where this is all heading). At any rate, even though his creations are masterful and powerful, when the mad scientist begins his experiments with earthlings, he and his creations must contend with both a second group of alien warriors as well as the Marvel superheroes.

Story 'Rise of the Imperfects: Part 5'

  Imperfects #5
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Renato Arlem

In the Brazilian Rainforest, a tribe of Indians prepares to defend their land from the onslaught of alien invaders. Lead by a young woman named Maya who has stepped forward to lead her peoples, the tribe make the aliens pay in blood, and now, Electra, who has been re-tooled by Roekel's staff, has rejoined the fray, taking on the aliens.

Meanwhile, Roekel's team works on his Earthly subjects, causing them to relive their own pain and anguish as he amps up their powers and abilities. Part of the results of Roekel's monkeying around with their DNA is that The Imperfects all see into each other's past, sharing a mind-meld of sorts. This just brings them together and helps forge a closer bond amongst the group, and they begin to introduce themselves to each other. At this point Electra walks in and takes command of the group (much to their dismay).

As this occurs, an Avenger's Quinjet lands in the Brazilian Rainforest near where the aliens attacked the tribe. As the heroes pile out, Spider-Man checks the readings for energy forms, and finds several readings that concern him. The heroes split up to track them down. Electra, leading The Imperfects directs them to split up, and take out the Heroes. The heroes spread out as they each target their opposite number in The Imperfects.

The next few pages detail how the various heroes meet up with their counterparts and engage them in an attempt to get them to stand down, not realizing that the Imperfects are merely attempting to lull the heroes into a false sense of security before they attack. Meanwhile, while the heroes are being distracted by the Imperfect team Electra and Death Row locate an ancient Aztec structure and enter. Inside they locate a large green gem, which is what the aliens were attempting to locate. Maya tells Electra to put the gem back and smiling, Electra summons the Imperfects to her side.

Each in turn responds to her call, leaving behind their corresponding hero. The heroes follow the Imperfects leading all of them back to the Aztec temple. Daredevil pleads with Electra to stop, which she, obviously refuses to do, giving instead the order to kill the heroes. The Thing states the he doesn't think that's going to happen, and is surprised to hear Iron Man respond that he thinks it will happen. On the last page of the story we see that Both Iron Man and Storm have, once again, come under the influence of Roekel's mysterious serum.

General Comments

This book five of a six issue series, so like a basketball game, only the last five minutes actually count. With this issue I am really getting into the story. Only, I still wish it was only a four-issue run, and could have been spared some of the extraneous ranting (and kept $8.50 in my pocket).

Overall Rating

With this issue the series is finally getting interesting, the dialogue seems to flow smoother, and the story is finally coming together. Unfortunately it has taken this long (hey remember when a comicbook writer could wrap up an entire, fully-fleshed out story in eight pages? Ah well).

 Title: Imperfects
 Posted: 2005