Golden Everything Workbook: Fun with Numbers (Book 2)


This is the fourth and final book in the Golden Everything Workbook Set 2 which consisted of four different books. This one is Fun with Numbers (Book 2), featuring Captain America and other Super Heroes characters. Spider-Man is among those "other Super Heroes", appearing on the cover too!

Story Details

  Golden Everything Workbook: Fun with Numbers (Book 2)
Summary: Featuring Captain America and other Super Heroes Characters (Spider-Man Appears)

Like its fellow books, this one is 8.25" x 11.5" with a soft cardboard staple-bound cover around its 48 newsprint pages of content. Inside, nearly every page has some full-color artwork, although much of the page background is black and white.

As the title would suggest, the content is mostly to do with numbers and counting, but every page is different and original. For example: Count down with Spider-Man as he descends a 10-story building. Draw a line from the number to the box which contains that many items. Count the items and write the number. Trace the number. Connect the numbered dots. Write the missing numbers in the spaces. Simple arithmetic, tell the time, decode the numbers, number games, and even more...

General Comments

While this book shares a common format with its three fellow Marvel Workbooks, it doesn't share any content. Everything is absolutely original, ever page is a new idea, and every page features new artwork.

I have no choice but to repeat my comments from the other three reviews and emphasize yet again the huge sense of care, commitment and attention that I feel has gone into every page of this book. These books set a a benchmark which would be attained by very few of the many Marvel activity books that would follow.

Overall Rating

This book is clearly the product of a team which included teachers, artists and writers who were all utterly committed to the same goal - a top-quality book which was educational while also being fun, appealing, and inspiring.

They succeeded on every level, and also created a wonderful collectible in the process.

Five webs.