Golden Everything Workbook: Fun with Numbers (Book 1)


This is one of four different "Golden Everything Workbooks" published in 1980. Like its fellows, it is in standard coloring book size, i.e. 8.25" x 11.5" with a soft color card. The interior printing is bright color, though the paper stock is standard newsprint, which has a creamy tint.

There are 48 pages in this "Fun With Numbers Book 1". Strangely, it's original sale price was 99c, compared to the 79c of its fellow "Fun With Words Book 1" that shared the same physical dimensions and was published in the same year. I guess numbers just cost more than words.

Story Details

  Golden Everything Workbook: Fun with Numbers (Book 1)
Summary: Featuring The Fantastic Four and other Super Heroes Characters (Spider-Man Appears)

There's a huge range of activities in this book, all number-related in one way or another. Trace the numbers, count the items, join the numbered dots... then there's some simple sums, some shape exercises, games, more sums, more... of everything!

Though this is the "Fantastic Four" book, Spider-Man appears on half a dozen pages. In one of his appearances, he drives a wonderful Spider-Man themed rocket-shaped race car that is a true delight.

General Comments

You can just feel the love that went into this book. In these days, far too many coloring or activity books simply pump out minor variations of formula-driven themes. By contrast, it's clear to see here that every single page was uniquely created and carefully constructed.

What's more, given the printing materials and technologies of the time, this feels like a top-quality construction. This was "state of the art" back in 1980, and even today it still shines.

Overall Rating

This is a delightful, top-quality book. It's a worthy addition to the collection for any lover of Spidey classics. I give it Four and a half webs.