Dark Avengers #15

 Title: Dark Avengers
 Posted: Aug 2010


The Void has now become the dominant personality within the Sentry and has agreed to work with Norman Osborn.

Story Details

Two days ago: Osborn calls a meeting of the Cabal. Emma Frost and Namor are missing as they have quit the group following the betrayal on Alcatraz. Taskmaster replaces Emma Frost. Osborn explains that now is the time to assist Loki in overthrowing Balder as ruler of Asgard and to take it off-planet.

Doom ignores him and warns him to stop his aggressive actions against his ally Namor. Osborn explains that after his betrayal at Alcatraz, he can't allow Namor to run around unchecked. Doom isn't interested in Osborn's wounded pride. Doom gives him an ultimatum: produce Namor and I won't have you killed.

At this point Osborn knows where this is going and calls the Void into their meeting room. He warns Doom that if he refuses, he will pay a heavy price. Naturally Doom refuses and the Void attacks him. Standing over the remains, Osborn soon realizes something isn't right as the armor opens up releasing thousands of mechanical drones that devour everything in sight, from support columns to H.A.M.M.E.R. agents. Osborn contacts Victoria Hand and orders and immediate building evacuation. He instructs the Void to allow Bob to take control as he (Void) can't be seen now.

Victoria Hand and the other Avengers reach the Quinjets on the rooftop. They are soon met by the Sentry and his wife Lindy. Sentry disobeys Hand's orders and returns inside to find Norman. Bullseye sees this as the Osborn's signal and moves Lindy toward a separate helicopter that he will fly. He puts the Quinjet into lockdown mode to prevent the Avengers from following him.

Once over the ocean, Bullseye begins to insult Lindy. He claims that she is not attractive and that Sentry should be able to get better looking women given his celebrity status. He keeps on and on until she slaps him. This gives him whatever additional incentive he needs to choke her to death and throw her body into the ocean.

Once their tower is secure the Avengers return to the landing pad on the roof. Bullseye tells Sentry that his wife committed suicide because she was too scared to continue living with him. Torn between anger and sadness, the Sentry unleashes the Void on him. He eventually believes the lies that Bullseye tells him and begins to search for her body in New Jersey.

Osborn instructs Hand to contact the White House and tell them they were under attack by Latverian terrorists. As Hand walks away she realizes what really happened tonight.

General Comments

The bulk of this issue is taken from the events in SIEGE: The Cabal, but from a slightly different angle. It does provide some details that were intentionally obscured from that issue.

At this point I'm not sure if the perception of time in this book is accurate. They claim two days ago Osborn held his meeting with the Cabal. I'll just accept this and let it go. The big trend in this book is to have events happen in the past regardless of whether or not the timing could work. Kind of like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers: "Just assume everything goes according to plan". I really miss linear storytelling.

Doom's demand for Osborn to "produce Namor" is unusual. The issue at hand is Doom wants Osborn to stop his attacks on Namor. I can't find any evidence to suggest Namor was ever captured. Doom should know exactly where he is. Posturing anyone?

Overall Rating

3 webs. This was a good story. It showed who the mystery assassin was in SIEGE: The Cabal #1, although you could pretty much guess.

I'm not quite sure why Bullseye decided to torment Lindy before killing her. I guess it was just to be cruel.


Emma and Namor quit the Cabal in Dark Avengers #8

 Title: Dark Avengers
 Posted: Aug 2010