Dark Avengers #14

 Title: Dark Avengers
 Posted: Aug 2010


In issue 12, we learned that the Sentry was able to manipulate matter at a molecular level, much like the Molecule Man.

Issue 13 showed us the true origin of the Sentry. He was a drug addict that broke into "The Professor's" laboratory looking for methamphetamines. Instead of meth, he found the serum that transformed him into the Sentry and became his new addiction. The source of his powers may actually be connected to the wrath of God.

Prior to their first mission (hinted at in Dark Avengers #3, Osborn has managed to duplicate the serum and has provided the Sentry with as much as he wants. Whether intentional or not, the serum reactivates the Void personality. It is because of the serum that Reynolds/Void has decided to join Osborn's team.

When the Sentry reforms from Lindy's attack, the Void is the dominant personality. When Void tries to kill her, Bob takes control and tries to throw himself into the sun. His suicide attempt fails and the Void convinces him that the only way to make an impact is to allow him to take control.

Story 'Siege crossover'

Three days ago:

Victoria Hand discusses with Norman Osborn of his need to make an appointment with a professional therapist to manage his stress levels. Given their encounter with the Molecule Man, he needs someone to make sure that there are no lasting effects. Hand emphasizes that he needs to do this for himself and for the country he has sworn to protect. The final push comes when she admits that she's afraid all the stress he's placed himself under will cause him to snap and become the Green Goblin. Osborn eventually agrees.

Hand also points out other problem areas on the team. Most notably Bullseye and Moonstone having sex in the meeting room in front of H.A.M.M.E.R. agents. Osborn tells her to handle this immediately.

Hand soon arrives and interrupts the couple. She instructs Moonstone to go to her room and Bullseye to remain behind. When Moonstone refuses, she fires a neural disruptor at her causing her to spasm violently for a moment. When this subsides, she is taken to her room by the H.A.M.M.E.R. agents.

At this point the building's monitor system alerts everyone of the Sentry's attack on New York City. Osborn suits up and confronts him, reminding him that he was supposed to come to him with his problems instead of letting it get to this point. The Void tells Osborn that he's tired of the endless struggle with Reynolds and that the only way out is to take control of the world and turn it into a place that neither Bob nor Lindy can live in. The Void states that Bob won't allow him to kill Lindy, so this is the next best thing: punishing her for being in his life.

Osborn warns Void that this is not the right way to control the world. There are other ways that he can show him. He drives home the point that if he doesn't stop now, his actions will force Reed Richards, Tony Stark, or perhaps even Dr. Doom to devise a way to kill him. With that, the Void stops his attack.

Later that night, Osborn meets with Bullseye. He tells him that when the time is right, he wants him to kill Lindy Reynolds.

General Comments

This issue occurred "three days ago", as did #13. This should put us chronologically between issue #9 and 10, just after Sentry had his face blown off by his wife. However, their recent battle with the Molecule Man was also mentioned. At the end of #13, the Sentry returned to Earth after his failed suicide attempt. In this issue, he throws a tantrum. This leads into the Molecule Man arc starting in issue #10.

There seems to be a timing issue here. I'm sure someone else may be able to explain it, but I'm calling it a mistake. "Three days ago" they hadn't fought the Molecule Man. Ignoring that one piece of information, the rest of the events in the last two issues fit in between issues 9 & 10.

Overall Rating

3 webs. I would have preferred that they addressed the Sentry's origin prior to the Molecule Man arc. As in issues 10 and 11. I think it would have served that arc better and avoided the timing issues.

 Title: Dark Avengers
 Posted: Aug 2010