Marvel Comics Official Convention Preview Book 2002


This is another Comic Convention promo giveaway from Marvel. This one is for the 2002 convention season, and features a forward from Joey Quesada. Hey, remember before One More Day, when everybody loved JQ?

Story Details

  Marvel Comics Official Convention Preview Book 2002
Summary: Spider-Man in New Title Previews
Editor: Bill Rosemann

This comic features the cover plus an inner page of art from Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do. The Black Cat is shown saying "I (heart) Kevin Smith"? In hindsight, that's a pretty hilarious thing. Not only did Kevin write a script in which she gets raped, he also delayed her comic by two years, effectively destroying her chances of getting another title in the near future.

There's promo full cover shots for Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2), Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2), X-Statix, Ultimate X-Men, New X-Men, Elektra (Vol. 3), Daredevil (Vol. 2) with Spider-Man on the cover. Plus Captain America Marvel Knights, Call of Duty, Ultimates, and Hulk. Oh, yeah, and the Avengers with Captain America and Iron Man. How long ago that seems now. Fantastic Four volume whatever brings up the rear.

General Comments

There's also a grand total of thirteen pages of advertisements and two blank pages for collecting autographs. That's a lot of ads and damn all real content. All of the "promo pages" do nothing more than preview a bit of cover art - don't expect to get any secret insights here, this is just business as usual.

Overall Rating

Well, I guess it was free. But even so, there's no reason why Marvel can't make a bit of an effort. This feels cheap, nasty, and commercial.

If you've traveled five hundred miles to a con, you might expect to feel the lovin' from Marvel, but you're gonna be sadly disappointed with this book. One and half webs.