Marvel Comics Official Convention Preview Book 2001

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This is an "Official Convention Preview Book" from Marvel Comics in 2001. I presume it was given away at comic conventions during 2001, or did Marvel have their very own special convention? I'm not sure.

Anyhow, this is standard comic book size, 32 pages with 32 pages of advertising.

Story Details

  Marvel Comics Official Convention Preview Book 2001
Summary: Spider-Man in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Preview
Editor: Bill Rosemann

The book features panels of preview artwork for upcoming titles in the second half of 2001. The cover also mentions "Marvel Knights 2002", but I'm not sure what that refers to.

Included is preview art for: X-treme X-Men: The Savage Land #1, Cyclops #1, Deadpool: Agent of Weapon X #1, Thor: Godstorm #1, Origin #1 (Wolverine), Avengers: Celestial Quest #1, Marvel Knights Double-Shot #1, Witches #1, Nightside #1, Bloodstone #1, Nightcrawler #1, Domino #1, The Incredible Hulk "Return of The Monster", Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #6-8 (Spidey & Punisher), and X-Force #120. Captain America "The New Deal" is on the cover, but not inside.

Finally there's three pages of spaces for you to collect autographs of your favorite Marvel creators, should you be lucky enough to attend the convention(s).

General Comments

Spider-Man appears in two of the three panels of Bill Sienkiewicz art from Ultimate Marvel Team-Up. But really, you'd have to be a hardcore collector to want to pick this stuff up.

This is blatant self-promotional material. I'm just astounded that Marvel decided to include four pages of regular mainstream advertisements among their own 28 pages of self-marketing. Somehow, it makes this promo seem a lot less special, and much more of a throw-away.

Overall Rating

Long on advertising and short on charm. None of the previewed comics made a particularly notable splash on the comics scene. Even the incredibly talented duo of Bill Sienkiewicz and Brian Michael Bendis on Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #6 resulted in anything that left a real mark on 2001.

Forgotten comics, and a forgettable promotional giveaway. I'm gonna give this two webs, and then forget about it.

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)