Spider-Man Trailer Reviewed

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Here at Spiderfan.org we were one and all impressed with the new Spidey trailer, here are some snippets of our discussions on what we thought:

Things which I loved about the trailer:

1. The web-swinging action shots are just perfect.
2. Kirsten Dunst is about as close to MJ as you could hope.
3. Tobey has actually been working out, and has a worthy Spidey physique (without a rubber suit)
4. The Green Goblin's glider rocks.

Things which I don't like:

1. Raimi has based Peter's powers more on those of Miguel O'Hara (Spidey 2099) than Peter Parkers, the little claws in his fingertips that allow him to cling to walls being used rather than the "static electicity" that Peter employs. Also, in the sequence where Peter's in his room and he webs the lamp, there's no sign of a webshooter device around his wrist (I went through frame by frame) looks like we're stuck with the organic webshooters.
2. Tobey's hair (as Peter Parker) doesn't look right. He should have the few unruly curls at the front, rather than the slick side part. He's Peter Parker, not Clark Kent.

Roll on May 3!


And from our Supreme Editor...

1. Petey definitely has shooters on his wrists, one on each - and a trigger in his palm. Believe me.
2. MJ ain't wearing a bra in that rain scene. Believe me.
3. That sure looks like MJ dropping of the bridge. Bright red hair. I don't think it's Gwen.
4. The trailer ROCKS! This is gonna be a blast!


From Byron:

First off, I am really in awe at some of the shots! The parts I liked best about the trailer was pretty much the entire first half, where Peter is amazed at himself! The wall crawling, jumping over the rooftops, etc. Kinda takes you back to when you first read those early issues of ASM.

I was also a little concerned about them making Peter out to be more like Miguel (2099), but I can see that it adds more of a sense of 'realism', in that I suppose it better explains his powers/abilities, for those not familiar with the comics. I have to wonder if the movie makers ever would have done that if 2099 was never written... at any rate, the more I see, the better I like!

We know Spidey became a crimefighter due to the events that led up to his Uncle Bens death, and from the trailer, its hard to say if this will be the case of his 'career choice'. From what is shown, it only looks as if some nutcase goes on a rampage (Goblin) and Peter thinks he is the only one that can stop him. Not that I would wish Uncle Ben to buy the farm, its just that IS why he became the hero he is, after learning that bitter lesson.

Then discussion turned to Mary-Jane and in particular the scene pictured above. Some enlightening comments were shared...

Wildman: I'll fight you guys for her! C'mon, let's see what you've got! :)

Jeff: How come no one's getting this worked up over Aunt May? She's a cutie!

Henrique: I'll trade one or two of my aunts for Mary Jane then!

Jonathan: See your two aunts, raise you a grandmother.

Basically we all thought the trailer rocked!

 In: Rave > 2002
 Posted: 2002
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)