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Paul has been visiting the Spider-Man Message Board. You can check out his posts here.

A lot of nice info, as the duration of the upcoming storyarcs, the news of what will Damion Scott pencil, etc. I think you can make a breakdown of the upcoming issues of Spectacular if you add all the bits and pieces from his posts. Here's what I've come up with:

  • Spec #1-5 - Venom (Duh.)
  • Spec #6-10 - Doc Ock (Duuh.)
  • Spec #11-13 - Lizard (With art by Damion Scott) - "The Lizard arc is pretty serious as it deals with mental illness"
  • Spec #14 - Morbius (?) - He said the Morbius story would be both upcoming and one issue, after the Lizard.
  • Small stories - Vulture and Hypno-Hustler.
  • Big stories - Carnage - not sure if big means a lot of issues, as he said this would be a big event.

There also seems to be no current plans for - Mysterio, Virus, Fusion II.

 In: News > 2003
 Posted: 2003