Spider-Man TV (1994) (Introduction)

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 AKA: Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994)
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Beginning in November of 1994, John Semper and crew launched the most accurate portrayal of Peter Parker to be animated to date. Where previous animated incarnations focused on action, this version provided the same three dimensional Peter Parker found in the comics.

Complete with the familiar supporting cast, a hapless lovelife, doting Aunt May, and grumpy J. Jonah Jameson, the show places Peter during his college years at ESU. In the four seasons and 65 episodes, Spidey faced almost all of the major Spidey villains, old and new (except for the conspicuous absence of the Sandman). Even the comic's second stringers like Rocket Racer, Madam Web, and the Prowler have appeared in the show!

The series was highly successful, and motivated a new wave of toys and other Spider-Man merchandise. It also recently spawned a loosely-related follow-up series, Spider-Man Unlimited (TV), which did not inherit the same level of success.

Cast Information

Here's the cast list from season 1.

      Peter Parker/Spider Man     - Christopher Daniel Barnes
      J. Jonah Jameson            - Edward Asner
      Aunt May                    - Linda Gary
      Felicia Hardy/The Black Cat - Jennifer Hale
      Mary Jane Watson            - Saratoga Ballaintine
      Flash Thompson              - Patrick Labyorteaux
      John Jameson                - Micheal Horton
      Joe "Robbie" Robertson      - Rodney Saulsberry
      Debra Whitman               - Liz Georges
      Harry Osborn                - Gary Imhoff
      Norman Osborn               - Neil Ross
      Doctor Octopus              - Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
      Eddie Brock/Venom           - Hank Azaria
      Hobgoblin                   - Mark Hamill (yep, that guy)
      Shocker                     - Jim Cummings
      The Scorpion                - Martin Landau
      Kingpin                     - Roscoe Lee Brown
      Alistair Smythe             - Maxwell Caulfield
      Spencer Smythe              - Edward Mulhare
      Dr. Farley Stillwell        - Michael Rye
      Dr. Curt Connors            - Joe Campanella
      Mrs. Anastasia Hardy        - Rue McClanahan, Dimitra Arlys and Nita Talbot in Season 3
      Kraven/Mysterio             - Gregg Berger
      Dr. Mariah Crawford         - Susan Beaubian
      Rhino                       - Don Stark
      Terri Lee                   - Dawnn Lewis
      Newscaster                  - John Beard
      Chameleon                   - various
      Nick Fury                   - Philip Abbot, Jack Angel in Season 3

Added in Season 2:

      Silvermane                  - Jeff Corey
      Morbius                     - Nick Jameson
      Hammerhead                  - Nicky Blair
      HydroMan                    - Rob Paulsen
      Liz Allen                   - Marla Jeanette Rubinoff
      Wolverine                   - Cal Dodd
      Jubilee                     - Alyson Court
      Storm                       - Alison Sealy Smith
      Rogue                       - Lenore Zann
      Cyclops                     - Norm Spenser
      Gambit                      - Chris Potter
      Jean Grey                   - Catherine Disher
      Xavier                      - Cedric Smith
      Beast                       - George Buza
      Landon                      - David Warner
      Genevieve                   - Laurie O'Brien
      Lewald                      - Joseph Ruskin
      Uncle Ben                   - Brian Keith
      Young Peter                 - Warren Sroka
      Punisher                    - John Beck
      Microchip                   - Robert Axelrod
      Man-Spider                  - Jim Cummings
      Blade                       - T.D.Hall
      Whistler                    - Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange to Generations!)
      Alisa Silver(Silvermane)    - Leigh Baker Bailey
      Margaret Conners            - Giselle Achegar
      Vanessa Fisk                - Caroline Goddall
      Tombstone/Lonnie            - Dorian Harewood
      Young Silvermane            - Townsend Coleman..The TICK!
      Young boy Silvermane        - Matthew McCurley
      Old Vulture                 - Eddie Albert (Green Acres!)
      Young Vulture               - Alan Johnson
      Old Peter Parker            - Mark Richman

Added in Season 3:

      Dr. Strange                 - John Vernon
      Wong                        - George Takei (yes, Sulu!)
      Mordo                       - Tony Jay
      Dormammu                    - Edmund Gilbert
      Anna Watson                 - Majel Barrett (yes, Mama Troi!i)
      Maria Taina Elizando        - Stephanie Eustace
      Green Goblin                - Neil Ross
      Madam Web                   - Joan Lee (Stan's wife, I believe)
      Michael Pingree             - Scott Cleverdon
      Jackson Weele               - Michael Des Barres
      Robert Farrell/Rocket Racer - William "Pop" Attmore II
      Mrs. Farrell                - Telma Hopkins
      Jason Phillips (Macendale)  - Mark Hamill (Star Wars!)
      Daredevil/Matt Murdock      - Edward Laurence Albert
      Richard Fisk                - Nick Jameson
      Susan Choi                  - Amy Hill
      Randy Roberton              - Alfonso Ribeiro
      Martha Robertson            - Iona Morris
      Tony Stark                  - Robert Hays (Airplane!)
      Dr. Jonathan Ohn/The Spot   - Oliver Muirhead
      Dr. Silvia Lopez            - Wanda De Jesus
      Calypso                     - Susan Beaubian
      Brace Huntington            - David Hayter
      John Hardesky/The Cat       - John Phillip Law

Character Gallery

Actor Gallery

From left to right, the above images feature:

  • Christopher Barnes & Saratoga Ballaintine
  • Jennifer Hale & Liz Georges
  • Martin Landau & Roscoe Lee Brown
  • Joe Campanella

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 AKA: Spider-Man: The Animated Series
 AKA: Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994)
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