Title Base: No Spider-Man

Note that the Transformers actually exist in an alternate universe, as established in The Incomplete Death's Head #1. Death's Head was a Marvel UK character, who spent some time with the Transformers before he was teleported around by the Doctor from Doctor Who, in Doctor Who Magazine #135. So now it all makes sense.

  Transformers #3
Review:     [2 Webs] by Lord Byron
Story: “Prisoner Of War”
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
  Transformers #23
Story: “Decepticon Graffiti!”
Summary: Spider-Man Reference - Kid wearing Spider-Man t-shirt
Editor: Don Daley
Writer: Bob Budiansky
Pencils: Don Perlin
Inker: Brian Garvey, Ian Akin
 Title Base: No Spider-Man