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Back in the 1970s comicbook marketing had just begun. It was as if the industry had woken up to realize that the fans were interested in not only the comicbooks themselves, but also any and all merchandise related to the industry. It was at this time that an enterprising group of individuals (including several who would go on to become major players in the field, as well as some established names as well) got together to produce a series of catalogues showcasing all of the various toy-related products. This catalogue (that was distributed on the newsstand along with the rest of the regular comicbooks) is the result.

Want a superhero-related toy? Well in the 1970s this was the place to go to find it if you didn't have a cool toy store or specialty shop near you. You name it; it was here, toys, games, clothing, whatever. If there was a superhero-related item available to the general public, then these guys had it!

I remember getting these comics at the time, and they were the coolest thing ever. Not sure I actually bought anything through the catalogue, but they were cool nonetheless.

  Superhero Merchandise Catalog 1975
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  Superhero Merchandise Catalog 1976
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