The Monster Times

 Title Level: SM Article
  The Monster Times #3
Review:  No Review Yet
Story: “Bugged With Comics? & A Marvel-lous Evening with Stan Lee”
Summary: March 1, 1972 (Spider-Man Article & on Cover)
Editor: Chuck R. McNaughton (Almighty Editor)
Article Writer: Dean Latimer (Stan Lee Article)
  The Monster Times #13
Summary: July 19, 1972 (Spider-Man Article, John Romita Interview)
Editor: Joe Kane
Writer: Gary Brown (Spider-Man Article), M.C. Kichards (Convention Article), Robert S. Napier (Fandom Article)
Interviewer: Gerry Conway (John Romita)
Artist: Gil Kane (Centerfold Poster), Steve Ditko (Centerfold Poster)
 Title Level: SM Article