Marvel Treasury Specials & One-Shots

 Title Base: No Spider-Man

Treasury format was an oversized soft-cover format which was seen a few times in the 70's. Awkward to store properly, these are not expensive, but it is hard to find them in good condition now.

Regarding the Superman crossover, note also the second Superman/Spider-Man crossover from 1981 in Marvel Treasury Edition #28.

  Marvel Treasury Special: Giant Superhero Holiday Grab Bag
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Editor: Stan Lee (Spider-Man Story)
Writer: Roy Thomas (Spider-Man Story)
Pencils: Ross Andru (Spider-Man Story)
Inker: Mike Esposito (Spider-Man Story)
  Marvel Special Edition: Spectacular Spider-Man #1
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Reprints Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #6, #35, Annual #1
Editor: Stan Lee
Plot/Pencils: Steve Ditko
Writer: Stan Lee
Inker: Steve Ditko
 Title Base: No Spider-Man