Marvel Spotlight (Promo)

 Title Base: No Spider-Man

This was a promotional fold-out poster/comic which was given away free each month at comic book stores between 1995 and 1996. It appears to have run for eight issues at most.

Physically, it consisted of a single sheet of paper which was folded twice to reduce it to comic book size. When unfolded it featured a 13.5" x 20.5" poster on one side.

The flip side of the poster featured the front cover, plus a shipping list of Marvel comics for the coming month, along with a list of coming highlights and teasers for those upcoming comics.

The cover proclaimed itself to be "Marvel Spotlight, Vol. 1". However, that is clearly a mistake, as the genuine Marvel Spotlight (Vol. 1 title was first published in November 1971.

  Marvel Spotlight (Promo) #1
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Summary: Spider-Man Reference (Also on Cover)
Publisher: Marvel Comics
 Title Base: No Spider-Man