Marvel Mini Books

 Title Date: Year 1966
 Title Base: No Spider-Man

These teeny books are very cool, and can be a bit hard to get a hold of now, especially since the poor binding means that many of them have fallen apart. They tend to exist in mint condition, or not at all.

They were gumball machine prizes in the 1960's, and each one is a mere 5/8" x 7/8" in size. The story is in Red & White. There are six different stories, each produced in six different colors, making a full set of thirty-six different story/color combinations.

Here's some pictures of the gumball machine, and also a picture of one of the plastic capsules which protected the comics while they were inside the machine.

  Marvel Mini Book: Amazing Spider-Man
Creator: C.N.P.
Orange Cover
Green Cover
Red Cover
Yellow Cover
Lime Cover
 Title Date: Year 1966
 Title Base: No Spider-Man