1996 Marvel Overpower Mission Control

This was the third Marvel OverPower card set (excluding promos). It was relatively small, containing only 142 cards. The cards were woven texture, and the back of the card "© 1996 Marvel. Distributed by Fleer." This set introduced the Event card type, as well as adding two new missions. It was relatively light on Spider-Man cards.

The set included eight "Any Hero" specials which were all new-artwork re-releases of the Marvel OverPower Promo (Comic & Magazine) promotional cards. This included the "Web-Headed Wizard" Any Hero special see which originally featured Spider-Man in the Wizard Magazine #50 give-away (see Marvel OverPower Promo (Comic & Magazine)). Note that the web-head got promoted to Captain Universe Spider-Man for this release.

  ANY HERO: Web-headed Wizard
Captain Universe Spider-Man
  EVENT: [Maximum Carnage] "Friends And Allies"
  EVENT: [Maximum Carnage] "Lambs To the Slaughter"
  EVENT: [Maximum Carnage] "Let the Silence Speak!"
Iron Fist
  EVENT: [Maximum Carnage] "Miracle Worker Alive!"
Dagger & Cloak
  EVENT: [Maximum Carnage] "Symbiotic Hero Captured!"
  EVENT: [Separation Anxiety] "Breakout"
  EVENT: [Separation Anxiety] "Caught By Surprise"
  EVENT: [Separation Anxiety] "Imprisoned for Science"
The Jury & Symbiote (Venom Tie-In)
  EVENT: [Separation Anxiety] "Symbiotic Achilles Heel"
  EVENT: [Separation Anxiety] "Symbiotic Samples Taken"
Symbiote (Venom Tie-In)