1994 Acclaim Maximum Carnage Promo

 Title Date: Year 1994
 Title Level: SM Core Title

These seven cards were bundled with the Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage Game Sega Genesis video game. The art is actual screenshots from the game. Note the misspelling of "Doppleganger", and also the sloppy alignment of the die-cut on the Demogoblin card.

The red background of cards 1-6 forms the red "Carnage over New York skyline" image which was used throughout the advertising (and which forms the background of card 7).

  #1 Venom
  #2 Spider-Man
  #3 Shriek
  #4 Doppleganger
  #5 Demogoblin
  #6 Carrion
  #7 Carnage
 Title Date: Year 1994
 Title Level: SM Core Title