Spider-Man Comics & Record (One-Shots)

 In: Audio
 Title Level: SM Core Title

This title features one-off combined Record + Comic Spider-Man stories.

  Golden Records: Amazing Spider-Man #1
Summary: 33rpm LP Record (reads every word in the comic)
Record Label: Golden Records
  Spider-Man is Telling the Truth
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: 45rpm Single Record plus Proprietary Format Slideshow
Publisher: Child Guidance
  Spider-Man: Chase for the Blue Tiger (Comes to Life)
Summary: Book plus Proprietary Format Audio Disk
Publisher: Yes! Entertainment Corporation
Writer: Rick Geary
Illustrator: Rick Geary
  The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (Record & Comic)
Review:  No Review Yet
Story: “Together Against the Kingpin”
Summary: Giant Record Story and Activity Coloring Book (includes 45 RPM record)
Publisher: Parkes Run
Cover Art: John Romita, Sr.
 In: Audio
 Title Level: SM Core Title