Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 3, Episode 7

 Posted: Jun 2010


The Atlanteans are attacking!! The Atlanteans are attacking!! Maybe this will be interesting.

Story 'Up From Nowhere'

  Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 3, Episode 7
Summary: First Aired May 3rd 1970 (full-length episode)

From his honeycomb-hideout lab on the bottom of the ocean Dr. Atlantian from Atlantis [Original name you've got there.] plans to carry out his orders to attack the surface world.

The next day during science class, Peter's teacher discusses that Atlantis - long thought to be a myth - may very well be a reality. Recent findings lead the science community to think that they were more advanced than previously thought. They even have a picture of an Atlantean [A civilization disappears centuries ago, but you have a recent picture. Why does this look familiar?]

That night Atlantian strikes. His lab breaks the water's surface and encases Manhattan in a protective dome. Then he drags it and everyone within underwater. [Oh, this is a rehash of "Swing City". No wonder.]

Spider-Man eventually escapes the dome and returns to the surface. He sneaks into Atlantian's lab and confronts him. Spider-Man eventually defeats Atlantian and returns the city to the surface.

General Comments

As you can probably tell, once I realized that it was a re-edited version of an episode from the second season I saw no point in continuing.

Overall Rating

1/2 web. The only difference between this and the original is that the villain has a red fin on his head and Manhattan went underwater instead of in the air. Only the backgrounds changed. Much like when Spider-Man is shown swinging around town.

 Posted: Jun 2010