Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 3, Episode 4 (Story 2)

 Posted: Jun 2010


I don't know about you but scarves can be troublesome. Especially when it comes to coordinating them with your handbag and open-toed shoes.

Story 'The Scourge of the Scarf'

The episode opens up with some groovy "Austin Powers" theme music as the camera scans a very busy Broadway on a Saturday Night [S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!]. Spider-Man observes the crowd below but is content with "soaking up the night" [Not sure I want to know what that means]

As he gazes into the moon, a strange hypnotic light show originating from the moon sends the crowd below into a panic. Many think it's the end of the world. Spider-Man succumbs to the hypnotic lights and falls from his perch.

While everyone else is at the mercy of the light show The Scarf and his gang [The Scarfettes?] strike [Much like a wet towel when twisted and snapped at an unsuspecting victim]. They rob the theater box offices and escape into the sewer. Spider-Man wakes up hanging from a web-line he managed to create while falling. He joins every other New Yorker in asking "What happened?".

Watching the news detailing his latest caper, the Scarf's underlings marvel at the psychedelic projector that they used to cause the crowds to panic. [Yeah. Ok. Projector. Sure. ] Scarf tells his gang about their next theft at the upcoming art show [He literally sounds like he's talking through a scarf. Method voice actors.]. They know that Mrs. Van De Rocks, owner of the famous Esmerelda Emerald will be in attendance. This is their primary target.

Wanna know who else is attending the art exhibit? Yeah. Not so much of a surprise, is it? Peter and his date for the next few minutes - Polly - are looking over the pop art pieces and commenting on them. Mr. Van De Rocks arrives as predicted wearing the emerald in a necklace. Polly is struck by the beauty of the gem and comments ".. what I wouldn't do for a rock like that". [Hello!!!!]

At the appointed time, the Scarf begins to pump laughing gas into the exhibit hall. Once the patrons are incapacitated, the Scarf appears in a gas mask and takes their jewelry. Somehow Peter managed to cover his face with a handkerchief and is unaffected by the gas. He changes to Spider-Man and confronts them.

The Scarf makes his escape, but lands into the middle of the waiting police. Spider-Man had alerted them earlier when he saw an unusual slide-like apparatus sticking out of the side of the art gallery.

As they load him into the police van, Scarf claims that he sees starts. Spider-Man quips, "Right. And how's that for an optical illusion?" Spider-Man and the police share one big laugh [But I didn't join in.]

General Comments

They have taken to ending each episode on a laugh, no matter how forced. This is just one example of how bad the jokes are. I will not subject you to this again.

Overall Rating

1/2 web. I know they were looking for a filler episode, but c'mon... "The Scourge of the Scarf"?

What names did they pass up in order to use this one?

  • The Attack of the Ascot
  • The Bedeviling Bandana
  • Suddenly the Shawl
 Posted: Jun 2010