Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 3, Episode 1 (Story 2)

 Posted: Jun 2010


Wild guess: the Lizard? Given the approach for the Vulture, I'm now worried what they'll do with this. Given that the Lizard has only appeared "Where Crawls the Lizard" Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 1, Episode 2 there is only one possible way this will end. Poorly.

Story 'Connors' Reptiles'

Jameson sends Peter to Florida again to find out the truth behind Curt Connors' claim that he has devised a serum that will increase reptile intelligence. Jameson doesn't believe him naturally and wants Peter down there to take pictures to help debunk him. And of course Jonah doesn't want to pay plane fare to Florida; Peter has to get there on his own. [Wow. Many words come to mind. Only one that I can use: tightwad

Peter arrives in Florida [Somehow] and finds Connors' son Billy sitting outside. Billy takes him to his mother, Grace, who explains that he's been kidnapped by his own creation. She shows him to the lab where he begins mixing up an antidote to Connor's newest serum.

The Lizard arrives - as before with a grenade - and takes the intelligence serum from him just before blowing up the lab.

Spider-Man begins to track the new Lizard through the swamp, ultimately locating him in the old abandoned Spanish Fort where Connors kept his reptile specimens [How convenient.]

Once there the go through the same motions as before. Spider-Man webs up the new Lizard and force-feeds him the antidote. Based solely on the dialogue, we are forced to assume that this Lizard disintegrated.

Spider-Man finds Connors and returns him to his grateful family. Jonah however is not so grateful when he returns to New York.

General Comments

Well I was right. This did end poorly. Not only did they just rework the existing footage with a slightly different but altogether uninspired angle, but they managed to screw up the ending as well. Jonah is mad at Peter but he never says why.

Overall Rating

1/2 web. The original season 1 episode is so much better for so many reasons. Perhaps you should just reread the review on that.

The only thing this episode did right was correct the spelling to "Connors".

This episode should have been ignored in favor of expanding the Vulture story to a full-length episode.

 Posted: Jun 2010