Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 2, Episode 11

 Posted: Jun 2010


I'll give away a small - but good - spoiler. This episode takes place in New York and involves an evil movie mogul. So far every time these guys have had Spider-Man set foot outside of New York, they make the proverbial left turn at Albuquerque.

Story 'Pardo Presents'

  Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 2, Episode 11
Summary: First Aired Nov 23 1968 (full-length episode)

A mysterious cat-like creature stalks New York City at night stealing jewels, money, and furs [Oh my!] This creature is under the control of the man named Pardo who continues the "green skin equals bad guy" trend. He promises that this is just the beginning.

The next night, Pardo has the debut of "My Pet" featuring a stunning new technological innovation. Peter and Polly - his date for the evening - are able to attend. The crowd is a veritable who's who of wealthy and influential New Yorkers. When the movie starts, a black cat appears on screen. The camera zooms in on its eye. Once the eye is the only object on the screen, an unusual green gas begins to emanate from the pupil, putting everyone into a trance. Everyone but Peter who manages to go out of the theater, change, and return.

Pardo tells his victims that they are now under the control thanks to his "psycho-galvanic gaze" [Whatever that is]. He then orders the crowd to pass all their money and valuables to his ushers, who are riding around on custom motorized cart with additional trunk space. [I'll be honest, I am having trouble describing it. It looks very dorky] At this point Spider-Man jumps in to stop the robbery, but the giant eye destroys the cart - but saves the loot - and catapults him out of the theater in one motion.

With his only threat eliminated, Pardo returns to tormenting his victims. He states that they will be taken to the "land of little green carts". Their absence will command a hefty ransom from the city. [I have no idea where he plans to send them. This honestly sounds like a drug reference.]

Spider-Man makes his way to the projection room and confronts Pardo. He apparently knows who he is, but it is never explained how. Pardo escapes on a special zip line that carries him into the screen/dimension/whatever it's called that he had prepared for the audience. Spider-Man follows and soon finds himself in a whirlpool along with the money and jewels. After swimming a few laps, he appears inside a water tower with a giant black cat staring at him through the top. [Along with the money and jewels. Some thief. The stuff you steal isn't worth anything if it's waterlogged!!]

The crowd outside begins to panic at the sight of a 50' tall cat. Spider-Man grabs a diamond and a staff and webs them together. He uses this to cut a hole in the side of the water tower to free himself. Once outside he lures Pardo's pet toward the Brooklyn Bridge. He creates a giant web that he connects the subway's third rail For no particular reason the cat jumps into the electrified web and disintegrates.

Later Peter explains to Polly - and the audience - that Pardo had the power to transform himself into pure energy. Which took the form of a giant cat.

General Comments

When you think of Spider-Man and Black Cat, you typically don't imagine an actual cat. You think Felicia Hardy, revealing costume, etc.

The main battle for this episode featured Spider-Man being chased through New York by a giant cat. I'm sure I don't want to know why this particular approach was chosen. If I did, I would have to be literally insane.

Pardo's powers were too diverse. They should have picked either "a being of pure energy" or "mass hypnotist". The energy option *might* explain the ability to change into an animal. But then again, why a cat? And how does that explain the ability to jump from movie theater to rinse cycle to water tower? And what the @&#* does "land of little green carts" mean??

Overall Rating

1/2 web. Ow my head. I think this was written in two stages. The first stage occurred before the acid trip.

The setup was decent. Gather important city officials in one room and kidnap them. Then they throw in powers for Pardo that are not consistent with what has been shown. Then they they go off in a weird direction that completely undermines everything they have done up to that point.

I'm beginning to miss the Plutonians.

 Posted: Jun 2010