Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 2, Episode 2

 Posted: Jun 2010


Following the death of Uncle Ben, Peter and his elderly Aunt May try to move forward.

Story 'King Pinned'

  Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 2, Episode 2
Summary: First Aired Sep 21st 1968

Peter tells Aunt May that he feels obligated to get a job to help pay the bills. May is concerned that he'll have to drop out of school to do so. He reminds her that her medication is quite expensive. She admits that it is and lately it hasn't been helping as much. Peter tells her about an opening as a copy boy at the Daily Bugle. She agrees and thanks him for his sacrifice.

When Peter applies for the job, Jonah recognizes him as the nephew of the guy that was recently murdered. In an unprecedented display of kindness, Jonah hires him on the spot, claiming it's his good deed for the day.

After Betty has shown him to his desk - near Jonah's office - Jonah receives a visit from Dr. Omar. He informs him of a racket in which fake drugs are made and the pharmacists are forced to sell them at gunpoint. The drugs actually cause the patient to become sicker. This scam in the work of none other than the notorious Kingpin. Betty then gives him something to run down to the printing room.

Inside the printing room, Peter learns that Foswell - one of the Bugle's top-rated reports - is actually an employee of the Kingpin. Foswell informs Kingpin that Jameson is aware of their involvement in the pharmaceutical racket. He confirms that a bomb is set to explode when the presses start rolling tonight. Peter realizes that Aunt May is a victim of this scam and decides to help expose it.

Kingpin and two of his lieutenants arrive at the Daily Bugle to convince Jonah to kill the story on his medication racket. Jameson refuses and is kidnapped from his office. Peter observes Jonah's abduction and follows them back to the Kingpin's penthouse.

Spider-Man makes a dramatic appearance at the Kingpin's window. Both Kingpin and Jameson are shocked by this development as they were unsure if the police report was accurate. After dispensing with two of Kingpin's men, he goes after the Fat Man himself.

He chases Kingpin to the roof where he makes his escape. As a parting shot, he reminds Spider-Man of the bomb at the Daily Bugle that's set to detonate at midnight. Spider-Man races across town and arrives seconds before the presses roll and disarms the bomb.

The story is printed and people are made aware of the fake medications.

General Comments

Ok, I was wrong. In an earlier review "The Horn of the Rhino" I stated that Aunt May appeared only once. This is not the case. She had a small appearance in the last episode and played a larger role here.

With that out of the way, this should have been a 1/2 episode given that it was mostly Spider-Man racing across town.

For whatever reason, they decided to go back in time and show how Peter was hired on at the Daily Bugle. They make no mention that he was working there "last year". This seems to be a "restart" of the series as this marks the first time that both Jameson and Kingpin have seen Spider-Man. Jonah actually seems to be impressed. This will be the first and last time this happens.

Overall Rating

3.5 webs. They did a good job with this. Incorporating a pharmaceutical racket into the storyline was a great idea. I'm surprised they went in this direction.

The characterization of the Kingpin was appropriate for the series. A mafia boss that's a giant bully with a nasty temper and a multi-purpose cane.

So far they've produced 2 good episodes. Don't worry it won't last.

 Posted: Jun 2010