Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 1, Episode 20 (Story 1)

 Posted: Jun 2010


The Scorpion returns and he has big plans for revenge against Jameson and Spider-Man.

Story 'Sting of the Scorpion'

  Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 1, Episode 20 (Story 1)
Summary: First Aired Jan 20th 1968

The Scorpion makes a daring prison escape by tunneling out of his cell with his bare hands.

The next day Jameson receives a call at the Daily Bugle, presumably from the warden. He is told that the Scorpion has escaped from prison and may come after him for revenge. Jonah contacts Professor Stillwell and orders him to do something to stop him. Stillwell assures Jameson that the effects of his scorpion serum will have warn off by now [Uhm, hello, digging out of prison with his bare hands?]. He'll set a trap for him in case he stops by.

Peter overhears of the Scorpion's escape, changes to Spider-Man, and leaves for Stillwell's lab.

At his house/laboratory Stillwell sets a trap for the Scorpion in case he shows up. A bear trap. Behind the front door. The Scorpion enters through the window [Proving he's not smarter than people think] and demands more formula to increase his strength. When Stillwell refuses Scorpion begins to look for it himself. He finds a nice test tube of bubbling red liquid and drinks it quickly. The Scorpion has an unusual reaction from the serum and destroys the lab in a rage. When Spider-Man arrives, Scorpion is gone. Stillwell explains what happened and gives him the antidote for the solution he drank.

Spider-Man resumes his search for the Scorpion, following a clear trail of destruction. When he finds the Scorpion, the serum in his bloodstream causes him to grow to a height of 50ft. He quickly dispenses with Spider-Man and continues on his journey to the Daily Bugle. Once he arrives in Midtown, he wastes no time and kidnaps Jonah from his office.

Spider-Man resumes his pursuit of the Scorpion and his hostage. Following their trail he arrives at Central Park where the Army has him surrounded. Spider-Man quickly locates Scorpion [That's pretty easy when he's taller than the trees. Literally] and tricks him into chasing after him. Setting a trap, he is able to trip the Scorpion, forcing him to lose his grip on Jameson. He catches him with a web-net and climbs a tree that's in the Scorpion's path. When Scorpion walks by, Spider-Man forces the antidote into his mouth, which returns him to normal size. He then webs him up and leaves him for the army.

The next day at the Bugle, Jameson brags to Betty how he "helped" capture the Scorpion by screaming loudly to help the Army pinpoint their location.

General Comments

This really should have been titled "Attack of the 50 Ft. Scorpion". The Scorpion doesn't really do anything interesting other than chug some growth serum and kidnap Jonah. At least the military was involved this round.

Overall Rating

1.5 webs. They had to show the Scorpion being created the last time. Now that the origin is out of the way, and they can do anything they want, they turn him into King Kong. Really guys, did you need to waste a Scorpion appearance for this?

 Posted: Jun 2010