Spider-Man TV (1967) - Season 1, Episode 14 (Story 2)

 Posted: May 2010


To be honest, this is one episode I don't remember watching at all. Others I remember right off the bat or once the episode begins. It's like a "lost" episode for me.

The characters are clearly based on the Enforcers from Amazing Spider-Man #10. For some reason Fancy Dan was left out. I guess four villains in one episode was too many, but realistically it's like having only two of the three Stooges. It just doesn't feel right.

Other changes: The Big Man was replaced by "The Plotter", which is a variation on "Master Planner". Montana is referred to by the generic name "Cowboy". Rather bland but you take what you can get.

Story 'Blueprint for Crime'

The master criminal known as The Plotter has the entire city wired with surveillance cameras. Through his intricate grid, he directs his henchmen Cowboy (Montana) and Ox to the Security Building where they open a safe containing blueprints for a secret missile project.

Spider-Man hears the explosion and decides to investigate. He is instantly captured by Cowboy and recognizes The Plotter's voice over the speaker. As they grab the plans, he triggers the alarm with his webbing [Blowing up the safe didn't set it off? Wow.] The Plotter orders his henchmen to grab the plans and leave before the police arrive. As Spider-Man frees himself, The Plotter taunts him with his scheme to sell the plans to foreign powers.

Once outside the henchmen make their escape, soon followed by Spider-Man. They try to hide in the Blue Radish, a coffee shop for beatniks complete with poetry reading stage. [To receive the traditional finger-snapping applause, tip your barista 25 cents per reading. They'll make it happen.] Spider-Man quickly finds them and continues the chase.

They make their way toward the back alley [where The Plotter is still able to monitor them]. Spider-Man takes the plans from Cowboy and attempts to leave. As he climbs to the top of a nearby building, Cowboy opens fire. Dodging the bullets throws off his balance, causing him to fall back to the ground, knocking him out. Thinking he's dead Cowboy and Ox grab the plans and return to The Plotter's hideout. [No attempted unmasking? Not even a "throw him to the beatniks"? These villains are lazy.]

Once they return to headquarters, The Plotter realizes that they left the key code blueprint with Spider-Man. The plans are useless without it. Back at the Blue Radish, Spider-Man awakens to the sound of two beatniks commenting on the remaining blueprint they found and Spider-Man's attire. Spider-Man takes the blueprint and excuses himself. [But no "thanks for finding this". Aunt May wouldn't let you get away with that.]

Later that night Spider-Man decides to promote himself as a super-villain in the hopes that The Plotter will send his goons after him. This works all too well - Jameson arranges a city-wide dragnet to help capture Spider-Man. Cowboy and Ox are dispatched to captured him. Spider-Man allows himself to be captured and brought back to the hideout.

Once he is there, he easily defeats the three villains on their home turf and turns them over to the police.

General Comments

Aside from leaving out Fancy Dan - which would have been easy to include - this was a good episode.

I will point out that one part might have been edited. This was the very brief shot of the crowd at the Blue Radish (screen cap #3). The blond that looks very similar to Gwen Stacy is shown smoking a cigarette with a long holder. At some point - I can't say when exactly - this was not allowed and probably removed from reruns.

I believe that for years Jonah was allowed to be shown to smoke cigars due to the fact that he was an adversary of Spider-Man. By today's standards smoking is not permitted by any character.

Overall Rating

3 webs. These guys may have finally got their rhythm on this series.


It's time once again for the "Funny Caption" game.

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 Posted: May 2010